Where to buy different varieties of lace fabric?

A delicate fabric that is made by interconnected threads or yarns by hand or either by machine is known as lace fabric. The trend of lace fabric originated in the sixteenth century from Europe. From that part of the world, this fabric has become an essential garment in every part of the world.  

If we talk about the manufacturing process of the lace fabric. It can be made by hand or either by machine. Hand-made lace fabrics are a little bit costly as compared to machine fabric. Bobbin lace and needle points, tatting all are included in hand-made lace fabrics. The workers who have great experience in making lace are hired by different brands for the manufacturing of lace fabric. 

Whereas on the other hand, machines also use needles for making lace fabric. The machine passes the thread from the needles in specific arrangements to obtain specific designs.

The lace fabric is of different types. And each type of lace fabric is usually worn at special events. The few precious lace fabrics that are usually worn at wedding events, parties, functions, etc are given below.

  1. Velvet lace fabric
  2. Organza lace
  3. Dry lace 
  4. Chemical lace
  5. Swiss voile lace
  6. Black lace fabrics and more.

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