Solid Perfume: That’s Why It’s So Special

Everyone knows liquid perfume in pretty little bottles filled with perfume filling machines. On the other hand, solid perfume is less well known. Find out here what distinguishes the musk or amber-scented blocks and why they are a genuine alternative to liquid perfume.

This is What Characterizes Solid Perfume:

You are probably wondering what advantages solid perfume has. Very simple: The fragrant blocks are made on a plant basis without alcohol and are therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Solid perfume is convenient and in many ways superior to its liquid counterpart because of it:

  • does not smell penetrating and can be dosed well,
  • is applied directly to the skin,
  • can be taken anywhere – even on the plane,
  • is inexpensive and has a longer shelf life,
  • can be portioned – one large piece becomes several small pieces.

Tip: Use solid perfume as a room scent, spread pieces around the house, in drawers and cupboards. You will benefit from the scent for months.

Apply Solid Perfume: Here’s How:

Ideally, apply the solid perfume directly to the skin in the morning after a shower. Wrists and neck area are good places to apply product gently – rub the block in your hands to allow it to warm slightly beforehand. The perfume is also ideal for taking with you. So you can reapply it after a few hours, even when you’re on the go.

Solid Perfume: Facts At a Glance:

  • Solid perfume has many advantages, it lasts a long time and costs comparatively little.
  • Perfume in block form is easy to apply and easy to dose.
  • It is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

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