The Right Basic Equipment for Your Cat

A pet can be a real asset to family life. But the latest craze is wild animals. A flying fox on the curtain rod, an otter in the bathtub – a guarantee for thousands of YouTube clicks.

When a new cat is about to move into your home,  choosing and purchasing the kitty supplies you need is one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing. It doesn’t matter if you Kitten acclimated or bring an older cat into the house, your new animal roommate should feel completely comfortable with you from day one. 

When it comes to putting together the cat starter set, many future owners are a bit overwhelmed by the endless variety of different cat utensils. Countless utensils are available in specialist shops for the initial equipment of a cat – many important and often used, others rather useless.

A cat’s basic equipment should include everything that is needed for eating, the toilet, loop and a snap hook for walking, sleeping and resting, extensive play and climbing, grooming and for trips by car or public transport. 

The costs for the initial equipment vary depending on the scope and quality of the products.

Purchasing a transport box is essential so that you can take your new darling from the breeder or vet to the new cat home without any problems. This should be chosen carefully, as it will be used again and again throughout the animal’s life – be it on trips to your vet, as part of joint activities, or when traveling. 

Careful grooming strengthens the relationship and maintains your cat’s immaculate appearance. In order to establish a loving grooming routine right from the start, you should have the highest quality brushes and combs ready before you buy your cat. Investing in a comb with rotating tines pays off in any case, as it makes grooming particularly pleasant for the animal.

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