Bluetooth Door Lock 101: What it is? How Does it Work?

Are you looking for a basic means to give access to your home or office? You may have come across Bluetooth door locks and how they can include convenience in your life. If so, you might be questioning what they are and what they can do.

If you have actually never become aware of them in the past, it’s fine. There are lots of people that have not. Once you comprehend what they are and how they work, you’ll most likely wish to purchase one for yourself.

What Is a Bluetooth Door Lock?

A Bluetooth door lock is a tool that permits you to open a door with the touch of a switch on your smart device. This is different from conventional door locks since it doesn’t call for a vital or code to get in. Instead, all you need is an app on your phone that connects to the lock through Bluetooth and afterward sends out an electronic signal when you desire it unlocked.

How Does It Function?

In order for the system to function, there requires to be an app downloaded onto each person’s phone that wants to gain access to with the Bluetooth door lock. The app will after that get in touch with the lock through Bluetooth and send a signal when the user wants it unlocked or locked once again. Isn’t it cool down?


There are a number of advantages of using a Bluetooth lock over various other kinds of locks. One advantage is that they do not call for tricks or codes to operate them, so you will never need to stress over being locked out again.

You can additionally manage who has access to your residence as well as when they have it, so you can really feel safe enabling shipment motorists and solution personnel into your home while you are away at work.

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