The Ultimate Guide To An Infrared Microphone System

Infrared microphone systems are used in situations where traditional microphones cannot be used. The systems use infrared light to transmit sound from a transmitter to a receiver, which then converts the infrared light into an electrical signal. This electrical signal can then be amplified and reproduced through a speaker for people to hear. 

Infrared microphone systems are used in applications that require wireless communication, covert surveillance, and quality recording.

Wireless Communication:

A major advantage of an infrared microphone is its ability to communicate wirelessly. This allows the use of these microphones when cabling is unavailable or impractical. 

Wireless communication from a transmitter to a receiver also means that an infrared microphone system will not interfere with radio or television signals, as it uses infrared light instead of radio or TV frequencies. 

The systems also do not create any electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) that could possibly disrupt other electronic equipment.

Covert Surveillance:

Infrared microphones are covert devices because they use infrared light to transmit sound. Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, as it is at a higher frequency than visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum; therefore an infrared microphone system is hard to detect by visual inspection alone. 

Because of this attribute, these microphones are ideal for covert surveillance operations where it is important for the person not to get caught or disturb others. 

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