What You Required to Consider For a Manicure with UV Nail Polish

The manicure with UV nail polish is a fantastic different from traditional nail gloss. UV varnish is a lot more long-lasting than regular nail varnish and also looks extra natural. Because of the curing procedure under UV light, UV nail gloss lasts approximately two weeks without scratching or chipping.

Right here you can discover what you require to take into consideration for a manicure with UV nail gloss.

Initially, the nails need to be prepared as usual for nail modeling:

  • sanitize hands
  • Push back follicles
  • Prepare natural nail or eliminate existing modeling
  • Roughing up or matting the nail with a great buffer is advised, particularly for oily natural nails. In this way, the initial layer of UV nail polish sticks better to the nail later and also does not chip off so easily.

All fat residues ought to be gotten rid of from the nails. Cellete soaked with nail cleanser is specifically appropriate for this. If possible, a primer (or “bond”) needs to be applied prior to the initial layer of UV varnish. Primer acts as a kind of glue in between the all-natural nail and also the gloss. Apply the guide as a very thin layer and also allow it completely dry.

To ensure that the UV nail gloss lasts better, a slim layer of the provided Twin Coat must be applied initially. Alternatively, a UV skims coat can of course likewise be applied. Allow this initial layer to completely dry in a UV or LED lamp or UV/LED combination light.

Following comes the UV nail polish shade. Relying on the shade, apply 2 to 3 slim coats of gel polish colors and also allow it completely dry under a UV or LED lamp.

To end up, merely apply a thin layer of the supplied Double Coat. Conversely, a UV overcoat can likewise be utilized.

After drying under a UV/LED lamp, the sticky sweat layer must be eliminated with a Collette and nail cleaner.

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