Explaining Bluetooth Door Lock in 3 Minutes

With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s lives are getting more and more convenient. For example, Bluetooth door locks have been widely used in our lives. The following is a brief introduction to Bluetooth door locks.

What is the Bluetooth door lock?

Bluetooth door lock is a new type of intelligent electronic product developed on the basis of the traditional mechanical lock, through the mobile phone Bluetooth module to achieve the keyless opening function. 

The Bluetooth door lock uses an anti-pry design, even if someone uses physical pry tools to attack it will not cause damage. In addition, it can also be connected with an alarm system to ensure home security.

What are the advantages of a Bluetooth door lock?

The biggest advantage of Bluetooth door locks is that they are more secure than traditional mechanical locks. 

Even if someone wants to copy your key, it is difficult and time-consuming for your home without a mechanical key. Because you have set up a password for your mobile phone at the beginning, you only need to pass your mobile phone within 1 meter from your Bluetooth door lock to open the door. 

This process does not require any physical keys or passwords, and no one can copy your phone’s digital code without your permission.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth door lock provides a simple way to unlock the door using the Bluetooth signal of your smartphone. The lock will automatically unlock when you approach the door and lock behind you. You can also track who’s coming and going through the mobile application.

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