Requirements For The Operation Of Construction Machinery

Various machines and vehicles are referred to as construction machines or construction equipment, which are used for the extraction, treatment, and processing of building materials, the transport of these and other materials as well as other construction tasks. 

However, they are not only used in structural and civil engineering but also in surface and mining, agriculture, waste management, and other branches of industry.

Since the operation of heavy construction machinery in particular harbors a high risk of accidents, special requirements are placed on the construction machinery operator. 

As a result, not every worker on a construction site is allowed to operate excavators, rollers, or even cranes, because different certificates, authorizations, and qualifications are required. 

As a basic requirement for self-propelled construction machines, this includes a valid driver’s license with the appropriate vehicle class, specialist training on the respective device, which includes both a theoretical and a practical part, as well as various certificates, for example, that instruction has been given at least once a year. 

In addition, construction machine operators must be at least 18 years old, physically (vision, hearing, reactions, taking medication), mentally, and in character (reliability).

The classification of construction machinery is mainly based on the tasks they handle, but also on their area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication such as road, tunnel, canal, or hydraulic engineering.

Depending on the construction project at hand, there are many other special machines. For example, in canal construction, pipe layers and welding caterpillars are used for welding work in impassable terrain. 

In tunnel construction, shield driving devices are used for occupational safety. Alsocompressorsor equipment for cleaning, including sweepers, are among the construction machines depending on the definition.

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