Why Should Water Be Enriched With Free, Molecular Hydrogen?

70% of our body consists of water, the brain 90%! Every organ needs enough cell-permeable water to react. 80% of all illnesses are caused by acidosis. 

However, the antioxidant effect of vitamins is based on the fact that vitamins and antioxidants consist largely of hydrogen. The discoverer of ascorbic acid described hydrogen as the most important form of energy for the body. 

Because hydrogen has the strongest antioxidant effect and is present in free molecular form, especially in fresh fruit and vegetables. One can also use the hydrogen water bottle to drink hydrogen-rich water.

Antioxidants bind free radicals, thereby reducing cell aging and therefore having a strong anti-aging effect, because the higher the cell oxidation, the faster we age.  Sufficient amounts of antioxidants can therefore significantly slow down cell aging. 

Today, oxidative stress can even be measured by blood analysis. We have worked with such a measuring device in the past and were sometimes amazed by the results. 

We have found, for example, that particularly women who take the pill have very high levels of oxidative stress. This is also consistent with current study results. Many scientists even see a connection here with the high cancer rates in women. 

However, oxidative stress can have many other causes. Starting with increased psychological stress in everyday work and private life, through various ubiquitous environmental toxins, electrosmog, and of course high alcohol and nicotine consumption, we are on average more affected in today’s fast-moving times than in the past. 

For example, it is known The need for antioxidants to protect cells is much higher today than it was in the past because the stresses are much higher. 

At the same time as the vital substance content of our food continues to fall due to mass production, depleted soil and cost reductions, the supply of molecular hydrogen can be a decisive factor for our health in the future.

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