All About Kitchen Cabinets

All kitchen cabinets want replacing, eventually. Whether they`re falling aside after years of tough use or status withinside the manner of that work-triangle overhaul you have been making plans, a coat of paint, or new wooden veneers absolutely may not shop them.

With such a lot of door styles, finishes, and bells and whistles, together with integrated spice racks and pull-out pantries, to pick out from, investing in new shelves may be exciting. But with several cash at stake—shelves account for approximately 1/2 of the value of a normal kitchen renovation—it can additionally be nerve-wracking. To get the maximum bang for the buck, it is vital to cognizance now no longer simply on suitable appearance but additionally at the exceptional materials, the form of hinges and different hardware, and the joinery that holds the cabinets together. Those elements decide whether or not your shelves will preserve your affections for the lengthy haul or quickly pressure you to begin purchasing again.


What do They Cost?

Stock cabinets begin at $35 in step with the linear foot, the period of the horizontal run that they cover. Semi-custom shelves begin at $90; custom ones begin at approximately $one hundred fifty and pass manner up from there.

Can You Install Them Yourself?

A professional DIYer with a helper can install inventory or semi-custom shelves. Custom ones need to constantly be left to the pros, in component to defend the warranty.

How Long Will They Last?

Properly established and cared for, shelves can ultimate till you are bored with them. Warranties on craftsmanship and materials (now no longer finishes) vary from  years to “so long as you personal them.”

How Much Care?

Wipe drips directly with a moist cloth. Never use abrasive sponges or scrubs, and keep away from cleaners containing bleach or ammonia. Tighten or modify free hinges as needed.

Cabinetry Rules of Thumb

While shelves may be configured in myriad ways, they may be usually constructed and established with the use of well-hooked-up dimensions. Follow those recommendations for the duration of the making plans ranges to assume how your kitchen will appear and function.

Standard Measurements

1. Distance among countertop and higher shelves: 18 inches

2. Upper cupboard depth: 12 inches

3. Lower cupboard depth: 24 inches

4. Countertop overhang: ¾ to one inch

5. Countertop height: 36 inches

6. Kick space: four inches high, three inches deep

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