Quick Assembly Tent

With a quick-erect camping tent, you save yourself the hassle of putting the tent poles together and threading them into the tarpaulin. Quick-pitch tents can be erected within minutes, giving you more time to enjoy the good things camping has to offer.

A quick-erect tent can be erected in a very short time with just a few simple steps. This makes it suitable for inexperienced campers or people who often change locations.

There are two types of quick-pitch tents: quick-up tents and pop-up tents, also known as pop-up tents. The two types differ in the way they are constructed.

Quick pitch tents are available in different sizes. In particular, small quick-pitch tents for one or two people are practical to take with you and set up.

When looking for the right tent, the first thing you should think about is how many people you want to comfortably accommodate in it.

Here’s a tip: It’s better to include one more person.

A family tent for four people, for example, is usually not intended for four adults. The details of the persons are often rather brief. If you add luggage to that, it can quickly become quite cramped. The size of the tent is not only important to consider when it is set up. When the tent is folded, the size should fit your luggage

When transporting your quick-pitch tent, you should also think about the weight of the tent. The material on the one hand and the construction mechanism on the other play a role. When camping, everything should stay dry if possible. 

Since quick-pitch tents are usually very simple and often have no inner or outer wall, you have to make sure that the tent is still waterproof.

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