How Long Should You Run An Air Conditioner?

Air conditioning systems ensure pleasant temperatures even in hot summers. But how long can you run an air conditioner? Should you turn it off regularly? Or is continuous operation cheaper? You can find the answers in our guide.

Even modern air conditioning systems need a relatively large amount of energy. Therefore, the question of when, how long, and how often an air conditioner should be operated quickly arises.

The answer is actually quite simple: run your air conditioner for as long as necessary, but as little as necessary.

You should never look at your air conditioning as the sole solution for a comfortable indoor climate, but always exhaust all other possibilities to cool down a room without air conditioning.

Be sure to ventilate thoroughly in the morning and evening. In the cooler hours of the day, you should ventilate as much as possible so that the air in the room can be completely replaced with fresh, cooler air from outside.

Close the blinds. Outdoor blinds can simply block out a large part of the heat. Make sure you have good insulation when doing renovation work. This also prevents heat from entering your premises.

Most air conditioners can be operated 24 hours a day. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some manufacturers prescribe a maximum running time of 10 hours at a time.

In extremely hot summers, even if the nights hardly offer any cooling, you can also leave the air conditioning running overnight – if the device is suitable for continuous operation.

However, the continuous operation should never be the desired solution. The air conditioner dries out the air in the room in the long run. There is also no meaningful exchange between the room air and the outside air. Therefore, always rely on regular airing.

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