3 in 1 Moving Head Lights

3 in 1 Moving Head Lights

3 in 1 moving head light

The Moving Head 3in1 is a multifunction headlight that can be controlled via DMX. This headlight can be connected to sibling models for greater flexibility. It has additional control functions, such as traverse and a mounting bracket. It can be mounted either sideways or frontwards, depending on the angle of illumination desired. Its dual-mode DMX function allows you to assign different patterns and colors to the light.

Moka NF-BSM380

The Moka NF-BSM380 3 In 1 Moving Head Light has three modes of operation. The X, Y and pan/tilt rotation are controlled by a motor. The color temperature is adjustable to produce a range of colors. This is an essential part of stage lighting. The company’s high quality standards ensure only the best products. The moving head light is perfect for both commercial and home use.

This LED moving head light offers hundreds of colors for various effects. You can even pair several colors and control the speed of the lights. The lights can be set to move very fast for a fast band tune. You can also control the tilt and pan direction of the lights to set the effect. The NF-BSM380 also features a fine tilt. It is a versatile stage light.

These lights can be combined with other MOKA equipment. When combined with a projector, the MOKA NF-BSM380 3 in 1 moving head light can deliver twice the experience. The MOKA NF-BSM380 3 in 1 moving head light comes with an additional power supply. However, this unit is remarkably small and easy to use. Besides being small and easy to use, the Moka NF-BSM380 3 in 1 moving head light can also be used with other MOKA equipment. This unit also requires a larger power supply.

The Moka NF-BSM380 3 In 1 Moving Head Light comes with a built-in LED driver and a battery that allows for easy switching. The light output is remarkably consistent despite the fact that the NF-BSM380 is an LED moving head light. It also has the same color temperature as the original Moka NF-BSM380. The Moka NF-BSM380 3 in 1 Moving Head Light has three modes of illumination: a narrow spot for the beam and a large area of light to cast.

Merak Beam 10R

The 10R is a high-end beam spot wash 3 in 1 moving head light that combines high-tech electronic control technology with top-quality materials, including a Nebula optical lens. This moving head light also features a 0-100% linear dimmer and dual-lens strobe. Its main features include a 10° beam angle and a sharp and uniform output light efficiency.

The Nebula features a sleek industrial design and full CE compliance. It is ideal for use in dance halls, discos, and television sets. The Nebula 280W offers superior brightness and is suitable for both professional and amateur users alike. The compact, lightweight Nebula moving head light is able to be used in a variety of different applications, from small performances to large productions.

Nebula NF-BSM380

This is a high-end, 280W beam spot wash 3 in 1 moving head light, which integrates advanced electronic control technology, top-class materials and optical lens components from Nebula. It has two gobo wheels with 14 fixed gobos and nine rotating gobos. Moreover, it offers features such as linear adjustable focus, 0-100% linear dimmer, double lens strobe, and 16/24 DMX channels.


The BETOPER BEAM SPOT 380 3 in 1 Moving Head Light is a powerful 380 watt moving beam light that combines four functions into one powerful unit. This light features a motorized focus and a zoom angle of 2.5 degrees tightly or 60 degrees wide. Its compact size and flexible focus make it suitable for most stage and bar applications. A rotating prism on the top of the unit allows the light to focus on different areas of the stage or event.

The BSW380 combines the three features of a moving head with a spot, hybrid beam, and wash effect in one convenient light. It is also waterproof, meeting IP65 standards, and features a 380W lamp. The light’s advanced optical system features a full CMY color mixing system, a 16-facet prism, and an 8-facet prism.


The NF-BSM380 3 in 1 Moving Head Light is a powerful 380W moving beam that has several functions in one unit. This light features a sharp parallel beam and motorized focus. This unit is ideal for a variety of applications including bar and nightclub use, big concerts, tour shows, and more. The rotating prisms and motorized focus make it easy to direct light to any spot.

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