Storage and Shelving Forming Machine

Storage and shelving Forming Machine

A Storage and shelving Forming Machine is an automatic, high-speed production line that can produce different sizes and shapes of shelves. A servo motor controls the cutting and bending-over operations. Its main motor is an AC motor with inverter and allows for quick or slow speed adjustments. Its end-of-line cut-off and bending-over devices can control the length and tolerance of products. It can be used for bending-over and punching of various materials, including wire, wood, and plastic.

Automatic Shelf Beam Roll Forming Machine

If you are in need of a shelf for your warehouse, you can choose an Automatic Shelf Beam Roll Forming Machine. It is fully automatic and runs at high speed to produce shelves in different sizes. It is also equipped with in-line punching and bending-over device. It has AC motor with inverter. Its speed can be adjusted freely according to the product requirements. Its accuracy is within 1%.

The automatic shelf beam roll forming machine comprises the de-coiler, the main forming machine, a straightening part, a run-off table, and an electrical control system. It can produce T-post shelving, which is widely used in various industries. It is reliable, low-cost, and available in a variety of arrangement styles. It can be used for various kinds of shelving, from retail stores to warehouses.

Single Slot Channel Roll Forming Machine

Single Slot Channel Rolling Machine for storage and shelves is manufactured by RELIANCE, a professional supplier of nonstandard metal roll forming systems. The company has its own tooling design, development, manufacturing and assembly facilities. These machines can produce various specifications of board according to their specifications. They can also replace traditional CNC machines for their production. The machines use numerical control and stamping dies to complete the process.

Manufacturers of these machines use hi-tech machinery and advanced technology to manufacture quality products. High-tensile steel shafts are used to manufacture these machines. They can be availed at affordable prices. Apart from being highly durable and easy to maintain, these machines are also available at a competitive price. If you are interested in purchasing a Single Slot Channel Rolling Machine, contact us now!

The single slot channel rolling machine is also capable of producing steel studs, Unistrut channel roll forming machines, and solar panel roll forming machines. In addition to single-slot channel rolling machines, LOTOS also offers post-cut lines and pre-cut lines. Pre-cut lines snip the incoming material before roll forming, while post-cut lines cut the panel after it is formed.

Upright Roll Forming Machine

An Upright roll storage and shelving forming machine is a versatile piece of equipment. Designed to produce upright and rack shelving, this machine is also capable of producing a metal frame and pallet studs. Features of this machine include automatic positioning, length measurement, hydraulic cylinder driven punching die, and a rub-roll. Its main roller is made of C65 mm x 45# H.

A shelf beam roll forming machine consists of a de-coiler, a main forming machine, a cutting device, and a run-off table. It can also produce various kinds of upright channels with varying load capacity and pitch. Another benefit of this machine is its modular design. It is easy to install and has a high level of stability. Its load capacity is usually less than 5000kg, and its height is usually within five meters.

An Upright roll forming machine consists of various components, including a de-coiler, guide frame, hydraulic punching, continuous hole punching, and forming. The machine features a hydraulic system that maintains a low temperature for extended periods of time. Depending on your requirements, you can customize your Upright roll storage and shelving forming machine to meet your exact needs. It is also equipped with an auto de-coiler, which saves you a lot of time and labor.

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