TestLink is a Leading ATM Parts Supplier and the Largest Independent ATM Parts Supplier in the World

TestLink is a Leading ATM Parts Supplier and the Largest Independent ATM Parts Supplier in the World

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TestLink is a leading independent ATM parts supplier that repairs more than 5,000 parts a month. They also offer NCR ATM cassette repair services. Learn more about their services here. TestLink is a leading ATM parts supplier and the largest independent ATM parts supplier in the world. To find the best ATM parts supplier, you must consider some factors. The best supplier is one that offers a variety of quality parts and can help you repair your ATM.

TestLink is the largest independent ATM parts supplier in the world

A new service called ATM Parts from TestLink makes spares inventory available to global ATM operators faster than ever before. This announcement confirms TestLink as the largest independent ATM parts supplier in the world. With offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, TestLink has over 7.5 million US dollars in inventory. And its owners believe that demand for ATM parts will continue to grow in the years ahead.

TestLink’s services include a large live inventory of ATM spares, same day shipping, and free online technical assistance. They also offer a 90-day no-quibble warranty for spare parts and provide technical support to ensure customer satisfaction. Customers can search for spare parts and ATM components by using the website’s filters by part number, manufacturer, or module type. And if you’re unsure of what part you need, TestLink can also supply remanufactured ATMs and upgraded ATMs at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

In addition to offering a vast selection of ATM replacement parts, TestLink also offers repair and maintenance services, ensuring that their products work as promised. TestLink’s ATM expertise and ISO9001/14001 standards ensure the highest quality and yield. With more than two decades in business, TestLink has helped service providers reduce costs and eliminate administrative hassle. The company understands the importance of complete control over their ATM inventory. They work under strict ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, and they own all ATM parts they sell.

With over PS7.5 million in ATM parts on hand, TestLink is the largest independent ATM parts supplier worldwide. Our experts will diagnose, repair, and replace ATM cassettes in a matter of minutes. From low cash sensors to shutter mechanisms, we have a solution to meet your needs. And the best part is, our service is guaranteed for five days. You can count on us to deliver ATM cassettes fast.

OEM is a UK-based company with offices and a technical facility in Camberley, Surrey, just 80 miles from the TestLink headquarters in Poole. By acquiring OEM, TestLink is combining the best of both companies and creating the largest independent ATM parts supplier in the world. The combined businesses will offer a vast variety of ATM parts and ATM modules, all backed by the expertise of OEM-trained technicians. The company’s secure facilities ensure that every ATM part is handled with the utmost care. Besides OEM, TestLink also provides preventative maintenance kits, which improve ATM reliability and efficiency.

It repairs more than 5,000 parts every month

Most FIs value second line maintenance (SLM) in their ATMs, but the costs vary widely. While a cash dispense only ATM may cost as little as $1500-$2400 per month, a deposit automation ATM will probably cost $3600 to $5k a month for SLM coverage, depending on hours of coverage. It can be expensive to repair a broken part, so SLM coverage is important to most FIs.

TestLink is the world’s largest independent ATM parts supplier, with more than PS7.5 million in ATM parts in stock. Their engineers have the expertise to identify, repair, and refurbish a wide range of ATM parts. Their service can save an average of 60% over replacement parts. TestLink also offers new ATM cassettes at discounted prices, saving bank customers up to 60% on replacement costs. A cassette repair at TestLink can help prevent early life failure and increase ATM reliability.

It offers NCR ATM cassette services

If you want to know if your ATM has a faulty cassette, it’s best to contact a professional repair service. There are many different ways to test an NCR cassette. One way is to manually insert a cassette and check whether it matches the label on the ATM. The other way is to use the NCR Cassette Tester. This tool displays the cassette configuration in real-time. It also has a rear-facing mirror that can help engineers quickly and accurately identify the cassette configuration.

TestLink provides several NCR ATM cassette services to ensure their quality and reliability. For example, refurbished ATM cassettes and repair services are available through TestLink. It offers a parts-finder service and employs 150 ATM experts at four secure locations. These new NCR ATM cassette services help customers reduce their ATMs’ susceptibility to common problems. And while ATM maintenance and repair can be a tedious process, TestLink simplifies the process of owning an ATM and its cassettes.

Another important ATM service is to check the functionality of your cassettes. If they are configured incorrectly, ATMs can experience problems such as mis-dispensing cash notes and jamming. In order to prevent these problems, TestLink has created a purpose-built tester specifically for NCR ATM cassettes. By ensuring the functionality of your ATM, you can protect yourself from costly repair costs and reputational damage.

SelfServ 82 is a high-end interior ATM that delivers an exceptional consumer experience. The SelfServ 81 offers value-added services such as coin dispensing, card top-up and bill payment. It supports biometric identification and features omni-channel experience. It also has a multi-party management platform and supports a wide range of transaction options. This ATM is designed for high transaction volumes. It is also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and is equipped with NCR Media Handling 2.0 technology.

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