Samsung RU7300 49505565 Inch Curved TV 2

Samsung RU7300 49505565 Inch Curved TV 2

49505565 inch Curved TV 2

The Samsung RU7300 49505565 inch Curved TV is a modern entertainment center that boasts a curved screen, 3840×2160 resolution, and High Dynamic Range content. The TV also supports Auto Depth Enhancer and a 60-hz refresh rate. In addition, its slim design offers plenty of storage space. It can even be used as an entertainment center, but you won’t find it particularly convenient.

Samsung RU7300

For the price, the Samsung RU7300 is a decent TV for most uses. Its VA panel produces deep, uniform blacks and has decent reflection handling. It’s also compatible with High Dynamic Range content. While the RU7300’s response time isn’t particularly fast, it is more than adequate for gaming. The curved screen also provides a high level of color accuracy, though its frame rate is limited to 60Hz.

The Samsung RU7300’s flicker frequency is very low. This translates into a clear and vibrant picture. However, it’s worth noting that this TV lacks support for Auto Low Latency mode. This may be an issue for some people. However, the Samsung RU7300 does come with an optional Black Frame Insertion feature, which allows you to adjust the brightness.

The Samsung RU7300’s display is great, and it’s well positioned on the stand. Its screen is curved, which makes it easier to watch movies in a dark room. However, it’s important to note that the TV doesn’t offer much in the way of local dimming. Unlike other curved TVs, the RU7300’s panel can be mounted on a VESA wall plate, though you’ll need special spacers to do so.

This TV comes with a Smart Hub and a single remote control, which puts your entertainment at your fingertips. You can connect connected devices, play games, and even watch live TV with the turn-on TV feature. Besides, this model also supports game consoles. It’s compatible with the most popular smart speakers. If you’re looking for a new television, this model is definitely worth considering.

Samsung UN65KS8500

With its curved screen and HDR support, the Samsung UN65KS8500 delivers superior visual quality at an affordable price. Other features include auto depth enhancer and ultra black enhancer. Its Android TV operating system lets you access thousands of streaming apps and a web browser. The curved design looks great, but you should know that it does not offer 8K resolution. This television is ideal for those who are upgrading to 4K resolution.

The UN65KS8500 features a OneConnect box that connects to the display via a single cable. The display has four HDMI ports, optical audio output, and two USB ports for connecting peripherals. Although it lacks an air mouse and touchpad, the curved remote is easy to use and measures 6.4 inches. It resembles a curved black wand with a large circular four-direction control pad.

The Samsung UN65KS8500 49505535 inch Curved TV 2 features an impressive array of smart features. This TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and has a built-in universal media guide that suggests shows based on what you’ve watched. The television also comes with a clean cable management system that tucks away the cords. Andrew loved its clean interface and crisp display.

Although it’s not as good as an OLED television, it does offer more detail. It offers four times as many pixels as full HD, which makes it more expensive. Moreover, there is still not enough 8K content on the market to justify the additional expense. Hence, the UN65KS8500 49505565 inch Curved TV 2 deserves your money.

Samsung TU8300

The Samsung TU8300 49505565-inch Curved TV 2 has a decent picture quality and good color uniformity, compared to the TU8000 model. However, there is still some variation in the gray scale. Edges appear a little darker than the center and have a higher uniformity rate during dark scenes. This is because the TV features a variable-speed backlight. Users who are looking for a TV that can handle HDR content will be disappointed with this TV.

While the Samsung TU8000 is marginally better than the TU8300, both TVs are still great options. The TU8300 is marginally brighter and has more consistent blacks, whereas the TU8000 is slightly better in contrast ratio. The TU8000 has slightly more color accuracy out-of-the-box, but it can get quite dark. This curved version has a higher gray uniformity and a slightly better gradient handling than the TU8000.

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