Small Fog Machines

Small Fog Machines

Buying a small fog machine is a great way to add a bit of flair to any special occasion. If you’re looking for a small, budget-friendly device, you’ll be glad to know that there are a wide variety of options available. You’ll find that the small size and portable design of these fog machines makes them easy to take with you to any location, whether you’re at a bar, party, or the beach.

Tiny FX Fogger

TINY FX is a small fog generator that can produce up to a 10-by-10-foot room of dense fog in just a few seconds. The battery-operated unit is ideal for theatrical entrances, props and costumes.

This fog generator is programmable, which allows you to control the runtime and the number of times it triggers. It can also be triggered via a remote control or DMX.

The unit is small, only measuring four inches in length, yet has the power to produce a continuous fog output. It uses two to three ml of fluid per minute. It can be triggered with an integrated start-button or by a wired or wireless remote control.

It is also available in a stand-alone version that does not include a battery. This model is ideal for customers who prefer to operate the unit from their own power supply. This unit also comes with a 250-ml fluid reservoir.

The FG90 Tiny Fogger FX is the smallest of the tiny series and is ideal for special effects. It features a smaller pump, but delivers the same smoke output as its predecessor. The unit is also equipped with Sleep Mode and a start-button.

The unit is also available with a hose adapter for remote operation. This allows you to place the unit anywhere you desire. It is also Small fog machine available with a carrying case and an 8-ounce fluid tank.

The smallest fog generator on the market, Tiny FX can be operated from any angle. It also offers a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for special effects, theatrical entrances, props and costumes. It can be used to create a range of effects, including smoke, a steam-like effect and a dramatic fog.

ADJ Fog Fury 2000

Whether you are a DJ or an aspiring magician, the Fog Fury by ADJ has you covered. The Fog Fury by ADJ is a small, light and portable fog machine that will have you feeling like a rock star in no time at all. Using a tad of water-based fog fluid, this fog-machine can produce four cubic feet of fog per minute and has an impressive four minute warm up time. The big wigs in the DJ business will probably have their fingers burnt by the time you get them to actually plug it in. The Fog Fury by ADJ also comes with a full complement of DJ tools including a mic and mixer. Lastly, the fog machine by ADJ comes with a two year warranty. The Fog Fury by ADJ can be purchased at your local music store. The Fog Fury by ADJ has all the best features for the best price.


Adding a fog machine to your party can transform your event from a drab affair to a night to remember. These special effect machines are used to create a dazzling scene behind presenters. If you are planning to throw a birthday party or wedding, you can use a fog machine to transform the mood.

The MK-F09A is a small fog machine that is ideal for weddings, small events and club parties. It has a small size and can be easily transported. It produces a variety of colors and has a wireless remote control.

It has an advanced electronic temperature Small fog machine control system that prevents the temperature from rising. It also has a nice piping design that facilitates smoke output.

It comes with 6 LED lights that produce different colors. They are available in red, green, blue and mixed colors.

It produces a fog effect that makes the party look more realistic. It also produces a pleasant sound. It is important to keep the machine clean and lubricated.

It has a warm-up time of eight minutes. It also has a spray distance of 3.5 meters. It has an LED light that has three full color LED lamp beads.

It is powered by a 400W foot power heating core. It has an iron casing that is durable and beautiful. It also has a good heat dissipation capacity. The LED MK-F09A 400 watt fog machine is an ideal choice for small and large parties.

It is also important to know that the MK-F09A has a 0.3 tank capacity. This means you can add more fog juice when you need it. It also has an A/B button that controls the pump and its smoke output.


Despite the fact that the JEM ZR45 is a small bottle of flammable liquid, it has some pretty impressive tech on board. Its blingy blings include a 2,000 W heat exchanger, a variable output control, a fancy LED display and an integrated digital remote control. Not to mention the fog that it produces. The aforementioned features make it a formidable competitor in a crowd. If you’re in the market for a high-end fog machine, the JEM ZR45 is the machine for you. With the JEM ZR45’s nifty features, you will be able to create the best visuals on a dime. The JEM ZR45 is a high-end fog machine aimed at delivering superior performance in demanding professional applications. Whether you’re looking to create the best visuals on a tight budget or you’re looking to replace your home or office’s aging fog machines, the JEM ZR45 is the small fog machine for you. Whether you’re looking to create an aura for your wedding, a theatrical show, or you just want to spice up your living room, the JEM ZR45 is the fog machine for you. Known for its quality and reliability, you can count on it to deliver the best visuals for years to come. With the JEM ZR45’s innovative features, you can be sure to enjoy a night of dazzling visuals that you and your guests will never forget.

Chauvet’s Pro Vesuvio II

Designed to illuminate color-filled bursts of fog, Chauvet’s Pro Vesuvio II small fog machine offers the same ferocious effects of a large model, but in a much more compact design. This small fog machine can be installed vertically or horizontally, and can be operated with a wireless or wired remote.

The Pro Vesuvio II small fog machines comes with high-intensity LED lights that provide color-filled effects for events. Vesuvio II can create tall columns of fog in less than a minute, and can be ready to burst in as little as 40 seconds. With advanced RGBA+UV LED color mixing, the Vesuvio II produces 40,000 cubic feet of fog per minute.

This model includes a high-capacity fluid tank that works well with its high output. A quick-dissipating fluid like Chauvet’s QDF works best for Vesuvio II. The model also uses a 1.6 kW heater that provides fast heat-up time.

Vesuvio II is capable of consuming 80ml of fluid per minute, and has an output of 40,000 cubic feet per minute. It features two LED sections that allow users to position the fogger at three different positions.

Featuring a 5-liter fluid tank, this model can produce streams of fog for stadium floors or any other large area in just minutes. The machine also features Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology, which keeps the fluid tank temperature constant between fog blasts. It also incorporates security features that protect the machine from fire hazards.

The model comes with a handle and wired or wireless remote control. In addition, it includes 22 x 2 watt RGBA LEDs, which allow the user to create a fog-like atmosphere for photos and films.

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