Small Fog Machines

Small Fog Machines

Small fog machine

Whether you’re a professional DJ or just want to have fun at home, there are plenty of small fog machines on the market. You can choose from models that are compact and portable, or you can get a full-size fog machine that is perfect for weddings and other events. These machines are easy to use and create a great effect.

Chauvet Hurricane

Despite its tiny stature, the Chauvet Hurricane small fog machine has a lot to brag about. It’s got an ultra-fast heat up time, a large capacity tank, and a slick design that will look as at home in a swanky nightclub as it will at your next big bash. Its small form factor makes it ideal for mobile events and nightclubs that prefer to roll up their sleeves and get the party started.

The Chauvet Hurricane small fog machine isn’t for the faint of heart, though. If you’re looking for a fog machine that can withstand the rigors of a busy nightclub, you might want to consider the Hurricane 900 or Hurricane 1200. The Hurricane 900 is a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable fog maker that will fill a medium sized venue in no time at all.

The Hurricane 900 isn’t exactly cheap, but the company’s quality control will keep your party looking its best. In addition to the Hurricane 900’s 0.6L capacity tank, you’ll find a slick remote control, wired and wireless, and a smattering of other goodies. It also features a LED lit reservoir to display the status of the heater, which is handy if you plan on using the unit as a visual aid. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a massive wedding, the Hurricane 900 can handle it all. With its small form factor, it’s a breeze to set up and take down. With its clever patented technology, it’s sure to prove itself time and time again.


Whether you want to transform a party or any other event, MOKA SFX MK-F09A small fog machine will create a colorful environment. Its small size, portable design, high rate of smoke output, adjustable colors, and wireless remote control make it ideal for clubs, weddings, and parties.

The MK-F09A small fog machine is made of iron casing that is durable and good at heat dissipation. It has a pre-installed temperature sensor that controls temperature. This helps prevent the machine from shutting down. The machine is also equipped with three beam light lambs that creates a funky scene. The smoke output is 2000 cuffs per minute.

The 400W LED fog machine is the perfect tool to bring an instant atmosphere to pubs, bars, and KTV. It is also ideal for small to medium sized events. It can be used to create a haunting scene, and it can be controlled from a distance. The unique piping design provides effective smoke output.

It is a compact machine that is easy Small fog machine to operate. The Mini Fog Machine is equipped with three full-color LED lamp beads that create an interesting and colorful smoke effect. It also features a fast type that can be easily operated by anyone. It can also be controlled with a wired control or wireless remote.

The MK-F09A machine also has a 0.3-gallon capacity, which can provide up to eight minutes of pre-heating time. It can also be hung, suspended, or laid down. The machine is powered by an AC110V/220 voltage. It has a pre-installed sensor that stops the machine when the liquid level is low.

The 400W fog machine is a great choice for small and medium sized parties. It is light and can be easily hung or laid down. The fog juice produced by the machine is compatible with other fragrance fluids.

When buying a fog machine, you should consider many factors. First of all, you should ensure that the machine is portable and that the size of the machine is small enough to be able to move it easily. You can also ask about the specifications of the machine. Besides, you will need to find out how long it takes to warm up and how much power it needs.

MARQ Fog 400 LED

MARQ Lighting Fog 400 LED is a small fog machine that delivers a decent amount of fog. This machine is compact, lightweight, and inexpensive. It comes with three single-color LEDs and a 0.5L fluid tank. It produces 1500 cfm of fog when activated. It also has a cool pyro light effect.

The MARQ Fog 400 LED comes with a wired push-button remote control for user activation. The unit also Small fog machine has a timer to prevent the fog machine from running through the fluid too quickly. The unit has a display that shows the optimal temperature for the fluid.

The MARQ fog machine isn’t the cheapest fog machine on the market, but it’s certainly not the most expensive. Moreover, it comes with a high-quality, durable enclosure. It heats up in three minutes, so it’s not hard to see why this machine is one of the best small fog machines available on the market.

The Marq fog machine is also one of the cheapest fog machines available, and it comes in four colors. These include white, black, black-white, and amber white. It also comes with a hanging bracket, two handles, and mounting bolts. It is also lightweight, weighing in at less than three pounds.

The MARQ Lighting Fog 400 LED also has a small tank, a high output, and a wired push-button remote. The machine can also be used to generate a variety of mists, from water mist to smoke. The unit is made to stand up to heavy use, and it can be mounted on a wall or hidden in a closet.

The MARQ fog machine is also available in a kit, which includes two units and a spool of fog fluid. It’s also available with a remote control, which works from a distance of up to 13 feet. The MARQ fog machine also boasts a sleek black powder-coated finish. The Marq fog machine also comes with three single-color LEDs. It’s also available with a black-black housing and amber white LEDs.

The Marq Lighting Fog 400 LED is a small and inexpensive fog machine that is a worthy addition to your home. It is an excellent choice for parties, weddings, and other events.

Tiny FX

Whether you are planning for a party, a wedding, or a film set, a fog machine can help you create a unique effect. With a fog machine, you can choose from a variety of colours and effects to add to the party atmosphere.

The Tiny FX fogger by Look Solutions is a small handheld fog generator that does not require an external tank of fluid. It ships directly from the manufacturer and has a smaller, more efficient pump. It is programmable so that you can set the fog amount you want to produce. It features an internal fluid reservoir and a battery pack. You can choose from a DMX, radio or wired remote to control the fogger.

This fog generator features a programmable microprocessor, which allows the user to set the amount of fog they want. It can also be set to auto-shut off in case of overheating. A small red light indicator will turn on when the fluid is heated. The device also has an automatic timer.

The Tiny FX is available in two versions: AC Powered and Stand-Alone. The AC Powered version is designed for customers with their own power source. This version includes an 8 ounce fluid tank and a carrying case. It can be used at a remote location with the included Hose Adapter. It is powered by a 70Ah car battery. It can produce up to one hour of total fog production.

The Stand-Alone version does not include the battery and charger. It is designed for customers who need the battery power only while they are fogging. It has an integrated start button. You can also use a DMX-converter to control the machine. It comes with a 6 metre XLR cable for connecting to the machine.

With a fog machine, you can create a special effect on stage. It is designed to produce dense, non-toxic fog. It comes with a battery that heats the fluid quickly. It is ideal for TV, special effects, film, and theatrical applications. It also has a detachable handle to increase portability.

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