How to Find the Best lighted Makeup Mirror for Travel

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How to Find the Best lighted Makeup Mirror for Travel

If you want flawless makeup, the right lighting is crucial. “With the proper lighting, you can really even out skin tone and blend well,” says celebrity makeup artist Janice Kinjo.

Lighted makeup mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and range from travel-sized compacts to large fixtures for vanity dressers. But what makes a good one?

1. Magnification

A key feature for lighted travel makeup mirrors is magnification, so you can see those stubborn brow hairs or teeny blackheads before you slather on more product. Our testers loved this ultra-thin one from Feruaro, which has 1x and 5x magnification (and a 360-degree rotation that lets you angle it anywhere). Plus, it’s battery-powered, so you can bring it with you on the go without worrying about finding an outlet.

For those who prefer a bit more power, Simplehuman’s popular lighted mirror with True-Lux light technology offers “the closest simulation to natural sunlight that I’ve ever seen in a makeup mirror,” says Strategist senior editor Crystal Martin. You can choose from a variety of color temperatures, including a warm candlelight setting for nighttime. And it comes with a cord that’s long enough to plug the mirror directly into your hotel bathroom outlet, if you prefer.

Jerdon maintains its reputation for quality with this lighted makeup mirror that’s built to last, though some might complain that it could use brighter LED lights. It features an 8.5″ fog-free mirror face that’s double-sided (1x and a versatile 5x magnification) and double-lighted, and the arm swivels smoothly. It’s also available in a plug-in form that can be used as is, or plugged directly into an outlet. It’s also very budget-friendly.

2. Lighting

Not only are lighted makeup mirrors necessary for precision-based tasks like spotting any stray eyebrow hair or nailing down the perfect foundation shade, but they also help create a more natural look by imitating your true skin tone under different lighting conditions. “Proper light is everything for makeup,” celebrity makeup artist Janice Kinjo tells InStyle. That’s why she recommends opting for a model that has dimming functions to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the LED lights, which can shift from cool white to warm orange hues.

Kassajikian agrees, saying that “LED lights are the best choice because they give you a more natural reflection without washing you out.” This double-sided lighted makeup mirror plugs into the wall and emits a soothing halo light for fog-free, glare-free viewing. Its swivel and rotate functionality makes it easy to get close enough to pluck any stray eyebrows or use both 1X and 7X magnification for a picture-perfect look.

This lightweight, portable lighted makeup mirror folds compactly and can fit into your luggage for on-the-go touch-ups. It’s equipped with powerful LEDs that kitchen products supplier mimic the color and brightness of sunlight to ensure your makeup looks its best in every environment. Plus, it has a built-in stand that’s easy to set up on your vanity or desk for a quick fix before heading out into the world.

3. Portability

A lighted makeup mirror for travel makes it easy to get ready on the go, whether you’re staying at a hotel in a dark room or best lighted makeup m an Airbnb with dim lighting. Most are lightweight enough to fit in your carry-on bag, purse, or even evening clutch, and they’re a great way to ensure your winged eyeliner is on point throughout the day or night.

This portable lighted makeup mirror from Fancii has 21 LED lights with three different light intensity options and a touch on/off sensor button. The compact design folds flat like a menu and has a tiny stand in the back to keep it upright, making it easy to slip into the smallest bags, while still providing plenty of light.

While there are tons of travel lighted makeup mirrors out there, this one stands out from the rest thanks to its sleek, modern design and multiple features. The 8.5″ mirror face is double-sided (one side offers 1x and the other has distortion-free 10x magnification) and double-lighted with LEDs that are 30% brighter than traditional bulbs and save up to 60% energy.

Another big perk of this mirror is that it has a built-in storage case with a handful of compartments for holding your most-traveled beauty products, such as mini eyeshadow palettes, makeup sponges, and hair ties. It’s also rechargeable and has a long battery life.

4. Design

When you’re applying mascara to your bottom lashes and squeezing out your last drops of foundation, the right light can make all the difference. “Proper lighting is everything when it comes to flawless makeup,” celebrity makeup artist Janice Kinjo says. Luckily, there are plenty of high-tech, LED-powered mirrors on the market that brighten up any vanity. And they’re not just for gawking at stray eyebrow hairs or checking out your pores (although that’s totally fine, too).

Kassajikian recommends opting for a lighted makeup mirror that uses LED bulbs—”they replicate the closest thing to natural sunlight.” We like this one from Zadro Sunlight, which has a 7.5-inch, double-sided glass mirror face with 1x and 7x magnification and is a solid option for those who are on a budget. It also offers 50,000 color variations so you can find the best setting for your skin tone.

Another budget-friendly choice is this mirror from Flymiro, which has a 6.5-inch mirror face that’s double-sided with 1x and 5x magnification. It lights up when it senses you approaching and automatically shuts off when you move away. And its compact size makes it a great travel companion.

If you’re looking for a more permanent option, check out this wall-mounted beauty mirror from Ilios that mounts to your home’s wall. It’s complete with powerful lighting, a magnetic phone holder and Bluetooth selfie function so you can snap pictures of your finished look or follow along on a YouTube makeup tutorial. It’s available in 2 finishes to suit your space.

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