Non Slip Bath Mats

Non Slip Bath Mats

A non slip bath mat is an easy and affordable way to help prevent dangerous falls in the tub or shower for seniors and others with balance issues. Our top pick, MontVoo’s woven mat feels soft on the feet and features suction cups to hold it in place.

It also has a heat-sensitive color indicator to alert users when the water is too hot.


A good non slip bath mat will be able to withstand repeated use and resist mold growth, fading and other wear and tear. Look for durable materials, like natural bamboo or high-quality rubber, that are free of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Bamboo mats are hardy and stylish, offering a comfortable surface to stand on while offering great traction to prevent slips in the shower. The ToiletTree Deluxe Natural Bamboo Mat has slats that circulate air and keep the mat dry, which can help prevent odor- and mildew-causing bacteria from growing.

Some mats are designed with a specific application in mind, for example the Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat is ideal for toddlers and young children. Its large dots offer a fun way to engage, entertain and educate little ones while showering, while a series kitchen products supplier of suction cups secure it firmly in place and help prevent slippage.

The Rebrilliant Spa Pebbles Bathtub Mat has a unique design, resembling natural pebbles on a surface. The textured underfoot texture adds traction, while 200 suction cups keep the mat firmly in place. The mat is also machine washable, which can help reduce the risk of bacterial and mildew growth and is available in multiple colors to match any bathroom decor.

Other mats are designed to offer comfort and support, such as the SlipX Solutions Pillow Top Bath Mat. It has over 700 air-filled pillow pockets that cradle your feet for added comfort and features a non-slip surface to prevent falling while getting out of the tub or shower.


A non slip bath mat should be able to soak up excess water to prevent slippery buildup and mold growth. Leaving a wet mat on the floor can leave behind germs and bacteria that can cause slips or other issues like funky odors. Ideally, a mat will also dry quickly to minimize these problems.

Many bath mats are made of cotton, which is an excellent choice for absorbency. This material is not only soft on the feet but it also offers a nice gripping surface and it’s easy to clean. Cotton is also antibacterial and mold resistant. Another option is bamboo bath mats. These are similar to cotton mats but they’re usually thicker and softer than standard bathroom rugs and they’re made of a material that is naturally antibacterial and resistant to moisture damage.

If you’re concerned about slipping while getting out of the shower or tub, consider a mat that has suction cups on the bottom. These will help keep the mat in place without requiring a liner or adhesive. This KMAT mat is a good example. It has hundreds of suction cups on a textured surface that cling to the bottom of your tub or shower. It’s made from a blend of thermoplastic elastomers that are phthalate-free, BPA-free, nontoxic, and allergy-free. The spaces between the pebbles offer water drainage, and it’s machine washable.

Drying Speed

The best non slip bath mats will quickly absorb water non slip bath mat to prevent soaking and stay dry underfoot. The LuxUrux Extra-Soft Plush Nonslip Bathroom Mat is a good choice for this, boasting a soft chenille top and a dense one-inch layer of microfibers to absorb water quickly and effectively. Backed by 14,000 five-star ratings, it’s machine washable and available in several sizes to suit any bathroom.

Cotton is the most common material for bath mats, and it offers good absorbency, a quick drying time, and comes in different colors and styles to match any bathroom decor. However, it may be more prone to wear and tear, so it’s worth considering other options. Microfiber, for example, is more durable and absorbent than cotton. It also dries faster and is more comfortable than cotton. However, it’s important to note that this is a more expensive option.

Nonslip bath mats with a cobbled or bubbly texture across the surface are ideal for seniors, as they give them something else to grip onto other than the bathtub floor, reducing the risk of slips and falls. The OTHWAY Non-Slip Bath Mat features a rubberized material that includes these cobblestoned bumps, and the grippy underside holds the mat in place even on slippery surfaces.

Some non slip bath mats are designed to be self-draining, keeping the surface of the mat clean and preventing mold and bacteria buildup in the folds and corners of the mat. For example, the CozyNook Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat is designed to instantly remove any water that builds up in its folds and ridges. This keeps the mat fresh and clean and is easy to maintain.


A non slip bath mat is a practical addition to any bathroom, especially for elderly individuals or those with mobility issues. It helps prevent falls, which are often the result of slippery floors, and it also offers peace of mind for family members or caregivers.

When shopping for a new mat, look for one that is made of high-quality materials and has good slip resistance. You should also ensure that the mat is the right size for your shower or tub floor and that it is easy to clean. Lastly, choose a mat that is resistant to mold and mildew growth, which can cause odors and discoloration.

While most non slip bath mats are designed for safety, many of them are also stylish and attractive. Some even feature fun and interactive designs that can entertain children while they take a bath. For example, the Munchkin Dandy Dots bath mat is bright and colorful, with large dots that can help teach kids their colors while they get clean. The mat is also safe to use, as it’s BPA- and latex-free.

For added safety, look for a mat with a strong suction cup that holds it firmly in place. You should also consider a mat with drainage holes that can reduce the risk of pooling water and making the floor slippery.

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