The Future of Vacuum Forming Machines

The Future of Vacuum Forming Machines

Vacuum forming is used for all kinds of production jobs, from huge products to agile prototypes. It also plays a huge role in vehicle manufacturing. You’ll probably see vacuum-formed items in every room of your home, as well as many vehicles.

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The Future of Plastics

As the world’s leading material science companies work to develop new advanced composite materials that are more thermoformable and kinder to the environment vacuum forming will continue to be an important manufacturing process. Combined with other advanced technologies like 3D printing for tool design, and In-Mould Decoration this makes the future very bright indeed for vacuum formed plastics.

Vacuum forming is a process that involves heating plastic sheets until they are soft and flexible before clamping them over custom-designed moulds. Once the mould has been formed, vacuum pressure is applied to hold the sheet tightly against it, and the product is then allowed to cool and harden before trimming and finishing is done.

Once the vacuum forming process is complete, products are trimmed to remove excess materials and finished for quality and appearance reasons including holes and cutouts. Some products may also need to be strengthened, decorated or printed on. This can be done using a variety of processes including drilling, roller cutting and CNC machining.

Sanitary Ware

If you have a plastic bath tub or shower surround, then chances are that vacuum forming is used in its production. This technology is also used in food packaging and in the trays that pills are packaged in, as well as in components of hospital beds and MRI machines.

The plastics used in vacuum forming must have high impact strength and be able to be heated and softened repeatedly, and then harden as they cool. Some of the most commonly used materials are blow molding machine PET, PVC, ABS and PP. These materials can be formed into a wide variety of shapes, and are also suitable for products that require antimicrobial properties.

Often, vacuum-formed parts will need to be trimmed and sometimes may need to have holes or other features added in order to make them fully functional. For this reason, manufacturers will often use processes like trimming and drilling, roller cutting, CNC machining, and more.

Alternatives to Glass

Depending on the project, vacuum forming may not be the right solution. For example, if the product is large or the desired design is complex, it can take longer to cool, trim and create the molds than other tooling options like cast aluminum. Additionally, if the production run is on a short timeline, this process is not ideal for that type of application.

Plastic materials such as Acrylic & Polycarbonate offer great alternatives to glass. Not only are they cost effective, but they also provide similar visual clarity and light transmittance. Additionally, they can be easily shaped and fabricated. This allows them to be used in a variety of applications including greenhouses, skylights, sunrooms and splashbacks. They also require less structural support than glass and are virtually shatterproof. This makes them the perfect choice for a range of building applications.

Safety Guards

It is important to follow proper safety guidelines and procedures when operating a vacuum forming machine. This will help to minimize the risk of injury or death and ensure a safe working environment. It is also necessary to perform regular safety inspections and replacement of worn parts.

Vacuum forming is an economical process for producing all kinds of plastic products, especially for the automotive industry. Its low forming pressures allow for comparatively inexpensive tooling and short mould fabrication times. This enables small and medium size runs to be economically viable.

Companies that prioritize workplace safety earn a positive reputation and attract top talent. This, in turn, positively affects the bottom line. They are also more likely to achieve a high level of quality and compliance with ANSI/ASSE Z590.3 standards and other machine safety codes of practice. Custom fabricator of machinery & machine guards made from acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG & clear PVC materials. Offers CNC machining, cutting, drilling, laser cutting & punching. Serves retail, food & beverage production and manufacturing industries.


Almost every item you buy that comes in blow molding machine factory plastic packaging likely came through the vacuum-forming process. This includes razors, toothbrushes, electronics and other appliances as well as marketing displays and point-of-purchase (POP) fixtures. The process is also often used in food packaging since it can create parts that are easy to sanitize.

Using a custom vacuum thermoforming service can help manufacturers produce a wide variety of products in a short amount of time. They can help design, develop and create molds that are suitable for the type of plastic you need and then conduct the vacuum forming process to produce your plastic part.

Some of the most common materials used in vacuum forming include acrylic, high-impact polystyrene and ABS. The latter is a hard, rigid material that has adequate impact strength and comes in a wide range of colors. It is ideal for vehicle and caravan parts and some signs.

Promotional Displays

The plastic manufacturing process of vacuum thermoforming allows for a three-dimensional shape to be created that isn’t possible through molded or RTM parts. It’s frequently employed to create items like trays, containers and enclosures, transportation interior components, point of purchase displays and protective covers.

A fully automated vacuum forming machine includes heating, a vacuum system and a mold to form plastic materials into specific shapes. It’s a cost-effective solution for producing many different products for various industries, from retail to automotive to medical.

Whether you want to boost engagement at your next event or drive impulse purchases in-store, we can help. Using our vacuum forming machines, we can produce holographic advertising displays that are sure to catch the eye of your audience. Our videos have been used by a variety of brands to promote their products and events. To learn more, contact us now.

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