CCTV Camera Kit For Home Security

cctv camera kit for home

CCTV Camera Kit For Home Security

A CCTV camera kit is a smart home security solution. Unlike webcams these systems require minimal installation.

Determine how many points you want to protect. This may help you decide if you need wireless battery cameras (easiest to setup but require re-charging and recording clips, typically 15-60 seconds long) or powered wi-fi cameras.

Video Resolution

The video resolution of a home CCTV camera is how clear or blurry the images will appear. A higher resolution will produce sharper, more cctv camera kit for home detailed images and will be better suited for recognizing license plates or identifying intruders’ faces. However, it is important to note that a higher resolution can also lead to more bandwidth and may slow down your network.

The most popular home security camera resolutions are 2MP (1080p), 4MP (1440p), and 5MP (2160p). The highest resolution available is 8MP (4K).

In addition to the resolution of the IP camera, you will need to consider the number of channels that can be recorded on the digital video recorder (DVR or NVR). A system with more channels is typically able to store more data for longer periods of time and provide more detail.

For example, a kit with a 16-channel DVR can store up to 2TB of footage and provide up to a year’s worth of recordings. This is enough to cover most small to medium-sized homes or businesses.

If you’re looking to upgrade an existing coax-based home security system, Optiview offers high definition network security cameras that plug right in. These work with DVRs and NVRs and feature HD video quality and built-in intelligent analytics. They’re compatible with most systems and can be accessed remotely using mobile apps and PCs.

Field of View

The field of view is a measure of the area that your camera can see. It affects the quality of your video.

A wide-angle security camera has a view that covers a large area. This can help you monitor a room or a front porch without getting too close to the objects in it.

A narrow-angle camera has a view that is less broad, but still enough to capture important details like license plate numbers and facial features. This is great for home surveillance and monitoring driveways and street traffic.

There are also super-wide-angle cameras that can capture a full 180 degrees of the scene. They have a fisheye lens that creates the ultra-wide view. This is perfect for a video doorbell camera or to act as a virtual peephole on your front door.

The viewing angle of a security camera can be affected by the size of the lens, the CMOS image sensor chip and the distance from the object to the camera. It’s important to consider all these factors when choosing a camera for your home.

Swann has a variety of security cameras with different field of views to suit your home. For example, there are wireless battery cameras with a 130-degree angle and a wide-angle lens, powered wi-fi cameras with a 140-degree angle and even PoE 4K ultra-HD dome cameras with a 114-degree angle.

Motion Detection

For home security purposes, you need a camera that will only record when movement is detected. This can save you storage space and battery life. In addition, it can help prevent unwanted recording of private spaces or personal information. Many cameras use multiple sensors to detect motion and then alert the user based on settings that are chosen. This can include sensitivity and zones to prevent the camera from constantly alerting you or not reacting to movements that it should. Some cameras also offer features like night vision, two-way communication and 105-decibel sirens for a more personalized experience.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor option, a wireless or wired system and whether you need 4 or more cameras are other considerations to make when choosing the best home security camera kit. If you’re a renter, apartment dweller or expect to Dual Lens Camera move in the future wireless or wire-free systems are often the way to go. These cameras transmit signals through your home’s Wi-Fi network and can either be battery or powered WiFi cameras that are rechargeable or have a built-in power outlet to keep them charged. They also typically record short clips (typically 15-60 seconds) when they detect movement and can be stored locally without a subscription.

For a more advanced solution consider a security camera that uses motion detection to capture license plate numbers and other details that can be used to identify suspects. The SimpliCam is one such example. It works as a standalone security camera but really shines when integrated with other SimpliSafe products like doorbells and alarm sensors. This helps you get a more complete picture of what’s happening around your home when you’re away.


The security camera you choose must be able to store video clips to its internal storage or an external hard drive. A kit with local storage ensures data privacy and reduces reliance on cloud services, which may be vulnerable to outages or monthly subscription fees. Some cameras have built-in storage (microSD cards) that saves footage until it fills up and then automatically overwrites, while others require a separate external hard drive or DVR/NVR to record video.

You can also find cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity that can connect to a home router to stream video via the Internet. This setup is more convenient than a standalone base station, but may be susceptible to outages and lacks advanced features like two-way audio.

For the ultimate in security and reliability, a wired system with PoE or Power over Ethernet technology is a great option. These kits often take longer to set up because you need to run CAT5 cables from the cameras back to a recorder connected to your router, but they are often more secure and reliable than wireless cameras.

A good example is the Eufy Floodlight Camera 2 which gives you solid lighting, a full suite of alerts and onboard storage that means you don’t need to pay for a subscription plan to use it. Other options include the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery which can mount on or inside a wall and doesn’t require Wi-Fi to operate, or the Eve Outdoor Camera which is designed to be mounted flush to a light fixture junction box and requires no wiring.

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