High Resolution 5MP Lipstick Security Camera

High Resolution 5MP Lipstick Security Camera

If you want to capture more details without getting closer, then this 5mp lipstick security camera is for you. It has no blind spots even at 4x digital zoom.

It works with existing RG59 Siamese coax cable (BNC video connectors) and pairs well with Cortex Medallion series hybrid DVRs. It also has 130 feet IR for nighttime surveillance.

High Resolution

The high resolution of this camera provides crisp, clear images. Resolution is traditionally measured in megapixels (MP) – the higher the megapixel count, the more detail your image will have.

This 5MP security camera produces video footage with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels, which is comprised of over five million pixels. Its superior pixel count allows the camera to capture fine details that help you recognize objects, people, and other important information in your surveillance footage.

The camera also features advanced video processing that eliminates unwanted artifacts and details, and it comes equipped with 3D Digital Noise Reduction to ensure sharp and clear recordings. Additionally, the camera has an IP67 rating and can handle both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. Its 3.6mm wide-angle lens and Up the Coax (UTC) technology allow you to control the onscreen display (OSD) through your web browser or smartphone app.

Designed for easy installation, this 5MP surveillance camera has a simple plug and play function. Its PoE ahd 5mp camera function makes it an ideal choice for commercial and home use, while its dual-band WiFi signal promises a stable network connection at all times. The camera is also weatherproof and can be used outdoors or mounted in high positions. The high resolution of this camera provides rich details that allow you to recognize faces and license plate numbers in surveillance footage.

Wide Dynamic Range

WDR is a technology that improves the clarity of camera footage in environments with varying lighting exposure. This can include areas where there are both very bright and dark spots in the same image, which would typically wash out the image with standard cameras. WDR improves this by separating these two images and then combining them together, ensuring that the best parts of both are visible in the final image.

For example, when used in a parking area, a wide dynamic range camera can provide better visibility of vehicles and people that may be entering or leaving the vehicle, especially with varying sunlight and shadows. This can make it easier to detect and deter any criminal activity that could take place.

Other examples of where this camera is useful are in bank security applications where CCTVs can be placed at teller desks to monitor customer and employee behaviour to help ensure that money is not being stolen. In 2021, the UK saw financial fraud losses totalling PS783.8 million across card payments and remote banking, so a high-quality camera with WDR is essential in these areas.

March Networks’ HDR technology works by capturing two different frames – cctv cameras factory one with a long exposure, and the other with a short exposure – then combining them into a single image with the highest-quality parts of each. This is then displayed in real-time on the screen.

Low Light Performance

The mainstay megapixel cameras use 1/3″ – 1/2″ sensors which are far less sensitive to light than the 5MP pixels used in this camera. Using Sony CMOS image sensors, this camera delivers exceptional night time performance with True Wide Dynamic Range.

Designed for HD-TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS output and compatibility with all Concept Pro recorders, this weatherproof turret camera provides the high definition clarity you need to protect your property. It features a 2.8 mm fixed lens, multi-language On-screen Display, and convenient IR LED adjustment.

This turret security camera is ideal for outdoor environments thanks to its IP67 weatherproof design. It also offers a variety of useful features, including 130dB true wide dynamic range, auto back light compensation, and digital noise reduction.

This AHD bullet camera delivers high-definition analog video over existing coax cables, reducing installation costs by eliminating the need to run new wires. It features a high-performance CMOS sensor and a long-range infrared array for outstanding low-light performance. One-Lock auto focus ensures accurate focusing in extreme conditions. Its compact size and rugged exterior make it a great choice for both commercial and residential applications.

One-Lock Auto Focus

This function is especially useful for shooting in low light. It allows you to lock in the camera’s exposure settings while also locking focus. If the lighting conditions change (either getting brighter or darker), you can refocus and take another shot without having to tweak the exposure settings.

The process is simple: point the camera at your subject, and press the shutter button halfway to acquire focus. A star will appear in the information display in the viewfinder to indicate that focus has been locked. You can then recompose your shot while keeping the shutter button half-pressed, and take it when you are ready.

This is useful for situations where you want to shoot a close-up with a background that is not in focus, or for scenes where your subject may be moving around. The camera will often refocus on the closest object in these cases, and the result may be that the background is blurry while the subject remains sharp.

AE lock prevents this from happening by locking in the current focus setting once you have achieved it. This can be especially helpful when you are photographing people because it allows you to easily refocus on the person’s face. Some cameras offer a further variant of this feature, called Eye AF, which locks on to the subject’s eye and tracks it as they move.

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