How to Choose a Movie Projector for Outside

How to Choose a Movie Projector for Outside

Transform your backyard into a drive-in cinema with the right equipment. Unlike a flat wall, which can show any texture, an outdoor projector screen offers a smooth display surface.

Look for features like RoamPower technology (which doubles as a power bank), a 40-watt speaker, and keystone correction to set up in seconds.

Screen Size

Obviously, the screen size is going to be a major factor in whether or not your projector will work well outdoors. Most outdoor projectors are long-throw, which means they need a large surface to properly throw the image. A good screen will help to overcome ambient light and ensure that colors are vibrant.

Look for screens with a smooth display surface, which offer more crisp imaging than textured surfaces. Also consider how portable you want the screen to be. If you’re going to take your projector on camping trips or family movie nights, look for a screen that folds or has a carry case for easy transport.

Inflatable screens are the most convenient and affordable option, but they do not hold up to wind and wrinkling very well. If you’re buying a large screen, try to match it with a projector that can support a larger resolution. You should also determine if you’ll be using front projection or rear projection and choose accordingly. Most content is in a 16:9 aspect ratio, but not all projectors support this.


In order for a projector to make a movie-watching experience enjoyable, it must be bright enough to cut through ambient light and create an image on your screen. The brightness of a projector is usually rated in ANSI lumens. The higher the ANSI lumen rating, the brighter the projector is.

To find the right brightness for your situation, consider where you plan to use your projector, and at what wireless wifi projector times of day. For example, if you are going to watch movies outdoors during the daytime, a high-ANSI lumen rating is critical to ensure that your image can compete with direct sunlight.

3-chip DLP projectors tend to be the brightest options available, which makes them the best choice for outdoor projection. These models are capable of reaching ANSI lumen levels above 5000, which can easily compensate for bright ambient light and produce images that are vivid and crisp. They also offer superior color accuracy and contrast. Look for a model that has multiple connection options, including WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI and screen mirroring. This way, you can choose the method that is most convenient and easy to set up.

Ambient Light

The ideal movie projector for outside is one that can overcome ambient light and deliver a brilliant picture. Whether you’re showing movies in your backyard with neighbors peeking over the fence or in an open-air theater for a crowd, ambient light can diminish the quality of your image. A high ANSI lumens rating will help to make sure that the brightness of the projector can cut through any ambient light present.

You can minimize ambient light by avoiding lights in the area, using a white screen instead of a grey or black one, and choosing a model with low maintenance. The best outdoor projectors are dust-resistant and have a filter that is easy to remove and clean.

Other things to consider when choosing the best movie projector for outside include connection options, such as HDMI, and a power source. Some models come with a battery, so that you can take it to the beach or camping site without being tethered to a wall. Other models also come with a built-in speaker and support various streaming platforms and apps.

Screen Position

The location of your movie projector for outside will projector movie outdoor affect your viewing experience. If you’re hosting a backyard movie night, choose an area that’s shielded from street or patio lights to minimize light pollution. It’s courteous to avoid disturbing your neighbors, too, so plan on setting up the projector and screen closer to sunset if possible.

The size of the outdoor cinema screen will also influence how far you can sit from it. If you’re using a long-throw projector, you will need to keep a larger distance between the viewer and the screen to ensure the picture doesn’t get washed out by ambient light at dusk.

For comfortable viewing, consider adding seating options like bean bags and lawn chairs to your setup. Add blankets and pillows for a classic backyard movie vibe or string fairy lights around the space to create a magical atmosphere. You’ll also want to secure the screen to prevent wind from blowing it over or tearing it. If your projector has a tripod mount, use it to secure the screen and keep it stable.


Movies are projected on a screen for the purpose of creating an immersive entertainment experience. Whether you are watching a movie in your backyard or at a drive-in theater, it is important that the audio quality is up to par. This is especially true if the movie is being watched by a large group of people, as a bad sound system can ruin the enjoyment for everyone.

You need a projector with enough brightness to overcome ambient light and make colors look vibrant on your projection screen. The standard brightness measurement for a projector is ANSI lumens, with higher numbers meaning brighter projects.

Adding a quality supplementary speaker system is a must if you want to turn your backyard into a true cinematic experience. A good quality speaker system will enhance the sound and clarity, making it even more enjoyable to watch movies in your backyard.

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