Turn Your Backyard Into a Movie Theater With an Outdoor Projector

Turn Your Backyard Into a Movie Theater With an Outdoor Projector

Turn your backyard into a movie theater with an outdoor projector. These portable devices feature high-resolution pictures and autofocus systems that adjust to the screen size automatically.

Pick a spot for your outdoor projection setup that is free of light pollution. This will ensure that your projector doesn’t have to compete with other light sources for a bright picture.


Although a common belief is that projectors are only good for dark home cinema rooms or night under the stars outdoors, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re looking to enjoy big screen entertainment in the daylight, all it takes is a bright projector and a quality outdoor projection screen and you can create an impressive backyard cinema for the whole family to enjoy.

The brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens and, while not all lumens are created equal, there are specific values that you should be looking for. This is important because a high number of lumens allows your projector to compete with ambient light and make images clear and vibrant.

Aside from evaluating the brightness of your outdoor theater projector potential projector, you also need to consider the size of your projected image. A larger image requires more lumens to maintain its clarity than a smaller image.

When shopping for a projector, it’s best to go for one with a higher ANSI lumen count as this will allow you to watch content in broad daylight. This is especially important if you plan on using your projector for daytime viewing as you want to be able to see what’s being displayed at all times, even when it’s sunny out. If possible, try to locate your outdoor projector in a shady area where it will be protected from direct sunlight for the best results.


If you’re going to spend money on an outdoor projector, you’ll want it to provide the best picture quality. This includes a resolution that’s high enough to display HD or 4K video content and an excellent contrast ratio that ensures blacks are deep and crisp while whites remain bright.

Another important consideration is the brightness of your projector. The higher the number, the brighter it is. You’ll also need to consider your environment and the time of day you plan to watch movies. For example, if you want to enjoy a movie outdoors during the daytime, a projector with a brightness of more than 10,000 lumens may be necessary. This is because sunlight drenches us in 100,000 lumens of light, which can make the image on your screen look washed out.

To get the best image quality, choose a projector that has a maximum image size of at least 100 inches and a screen made of durable material. You should also avoid using a bed sheet, as it’ll cause wrinkling and distortion of the image. You’ll also need to find a quiet spot free of noise interference like cars driving past and ambient lighting from nearby outdoor lights.

For an optimal viewing experience, it’s also helpful to use a portable projector with built-in speakers or connect external speakers. This way, you can enjoy great sound while watching a movie outside. XGIMI Halo+, for example, has powerful Harman Kardon speakers and is designed to deliver clear and saturated images from multiple view angles.


An outdoor projector is great for bringing movie nights to the outdoors, but it’s no good without a quality sound system. Whether you’re using a soundbar or a bundled speaker system, an audio output is a must-have to bring out the best in your projector.

An audio system can also help you avoid distractions like ambient light or a blaring speaker that ruins your experience. An outdoor projector that has built-in speakers is ideal, but if you prefer a portable option, consider getting a pair of wireless Bluetooth speakers to add to your setup.

The quality of an outdoor projector is crucial, especially because you’ll be competing with natural lighting at dusk or even during the day. Ensure you choose a projector with a high ANSI lumens Home Theater Projectors rating to ensure that it can compete with the sun and still be clear enough to see.

An outdoor projector can be a fun way to spend time with your family or friends, but it’s important to check the weather conditions before you start your movie night. If it’s too windy, it’s a good idea to move the party indoors to avoid any damage to your equipment. Also, be sure to store your projector away from extreme heat or rain so that it doesn’t sustain any unnecessary damage. This will help to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible.


For a truly portable outdoor projector, look for a model with a tripod mount that makes setting it up a breeze. A good quality tripod will also ensure that you get the best possible image on your screen with a minimum of fuss.

You’ll need a suitable screen to project onto when using a portable projector, and it is worth bearing in mind that the size of the screen you choose will depend on the distance between your seat and the projected image. For the most realistic cinematic experience, try to aim for a 100-inch image at an optimal seating distance of 11.2 feet.

Many models of portable projector feature a range of ports for connecting devices to play media content. Look for models with plenty of USB-port options, as well as HDMI and VGA ports, to give you plenty of flexibility when choosing what to watch. You may also find that some models function like smart TVs, with built-in apps and a selection of streamable entertainment.

Remember that the ideal outdoor conditions for use of a portable projector are when it is sunny, without too much wind and at night-time. Extreme weather, especially if it is wet or hot, will damage your device and reduce the effectiveness of the display. Look for IP ratings that measure the level of environmental protection, and consider investing in a waterproof case for extra peace of mind.

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