The HD 5MP Camera

The HD 5MP Camera

5MP cameras are an excellent choice for people who want a high-resolution security camera but don’t have the budget for expensive IP cameras. These cameras offer superior image quality and can be run at up to 1600 feet on standard RG59 coaxial cable.

These cameras are compatible with hybrid DVR recorders that support HD-TVI, AHD, and CVI as well as 960H analog. They can also be used with older analog DVRs.


The ahd 5mp camera is a new type of HD security cameras that are designed to replace traditional analog CCTV cameras. These cameras are capable of transmitting high definition video over coax cables for up to 500 meters, and are compatible with standard analog CCTV equipment. They also support audio over coax (AOC) which allows you to transfer the audio signal over the video cable, avoiding the need for separate wires.

The cameras use an HD Sony progressive scan CMOS image sensor and come in a weatherproof dome enclosure. They also feature an IR LED array for night vision, and are equipped with a 2.8 to 12mm varifocal lens for easy installation. They can be powered with a 12V DC power supply. The camera supports a variety of image settings including OSD (on-screen display), Digital Wide Dynamic Range Enhancement, and Auto White Balance.

These HD over coax cameras are ideal for both home and commercial applications. They are designed to work with any DVR system and provide excellent surveillance coverage. In addition, they offer Smart IR technology for 24/7 monitoring. This will help deter potential criminals and prevent unwanted activity on your property.

The ahd 5mp camera is the perfect choice for any surveillance project, as it offers superior quality images and a range of features that will improve your security. The camera’s advanced technology provides crisp and clear video, and its night vision capabilities allow you to monitor your property even in the dark.


The camera is designed to work with a digital video recorder, also ahd 5mp camera known as DVR. These devices perform the same job as traditional analog security cameras, but they have additional capabilities like remote access through a web browser and Alibi CMS. They can be used with various video resolutions, including 2mp and 5mp. 2mp is the standard resolution for home use and is ideal for surveillance applications, while 5mp provides crisper image quality for detailed viewing.

The 5mp camera has an advanced Y/C signal separation and simulation filtering technology that produces high-definition images. It can also transmit video over long distances, up to 500 meters, using traditional coaxial cables. The camera is weatherproof and uses infrared LEDs to illuminate the night scene.

The camera has a 3.6mm wide-angle lens that can capture more detail and covers a larger area. It is also equipped with a 3D digital noise reduction system that reduces static in the image and improves clarity. In addition, the camera has Audio-Over-Coax (AOC) technology, which allows you to transfer audio over the same cable pair as the video signal, eliminating the need for an extra audio cable.


5MP security cameras can provide more detail in your footage than standard analog CCTV cameras. They are also more versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors for clear recognition of people’s faces and license plate numbers. Additionally, they are great for mounting in high positions to capture rich details of far-away objects.

The 3.6mm wide-angle lens provides a large field of view, which is perfect for surveillance of a large area. The camera is equipped with 3D digital noise reduction technology, which helps to filter out the noise in the video stream and improve image clarity. Additionally, the IP67 weatherproof housing makes this camera ideal for use in harsh environments.

AHD stands for analog high definition and is an alternative to HD-SDI or network IP cameras. It uses the same BNC connectors as traditional CCTV cameras and can be run over traditional coax cable up to 500 meters. The AHD system uses uncompressed video signals, which allow for better image quality than HD-SDI and eliminates latency issues that are common with network IP cameras.

AHD cameras require a recorder that converts the analog data to digital data and stores it on a hard disk. These recorders are called DVRs and are available from most cctv cameras factory major manufacturers. Many of these recorders are able to support AHD, CVI and TVI cameras in addition to older NTSC or PAL analog devices.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing analog system, or putting together a new one from scratch, these 5MP HD over coaxial cameras by Uniview are a great choice. They have a crystal-clear image, and operate at a high 15 frames per second frame rate. That’s still a good bit higher than the standard Full HD 1080p frame rate, and it will give you a more smooth video feed. They come in both bullet (UAC-B125-AF28M-W) and turret (UAC-T125-AF28M-W) housing styles, and they look beautiful with their sleek metal housing. Click the images for a larger view.

These cameras have a 3.6 mm fixed lens, with a wide 92 degree field of view in 5MP mode.

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