A gaming machine for children

Tas game is a company that is based in China. It has experience of over 20 years of producing games for children. It has different categories of games. Its games have high-quality graphics. Due to their updated software technology, their games are heavy, but they still manage to run smoothly on computers. Their players enjoy the games. They constantly update their technology to fulfill the requirements of modern games.

One of their popular and featured games is the Fish Hunter gambling game machine. It has a display screen of 85 inches and 4K. It has a multiplayer set up including ten seats. It has an established anti-cheating program. One can use it through different systems such as going in or going out, bill acceptor or thermal printer, coin in, or ticket redemption out. The quality and working of the game are guaranteed. It can be easily installed. Its plug-and-play systems are also compatible. It has a warranty of one year and maintenance for a lifetime.

This gambling game machine has eight players. It has different parts which are as follows: –

  • Game kits: The kits for the game include a decoder, PCB, main board, connector, and IO board.
  • Operating system: It helps the software play games by accepting a bill. First, that is worth 1- 100 U.S. dollars. ICT thermal printers and cashless card system are also available.
  • Wires.
  • Buttons and joystick.
  • Cabinet inside

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