Use of Wood in Jewelry Display Counters

Sustainable and natural materials are experiencing a renaissance – wood is more popular than ever. More and more companies, doctors, clinics, and shops are also relying on this renewable raw material for reception counters. A wooden jewelry display counter also conveys a calm and nature-loving atmosphere. But you should know the advantages and disadvantages of a wooden counter.

Types of Wooden Reception Desks:

When you think of wood, of course, you first think of solid wood. However, the raw material wood is now processed into many innovative intermediate products. The following types are available for a wooden counter:

  1. Plywood (very robust and easy to process)
  2. Solid wood (made from solid wood)
  3. Veneered wood (many types of wood available)

All types have unique properties that can be applied depending on the design. This makes it very easy to create curves from plywood, which are rather difficult to achieve with solid wood. The solid wood is particularly suitable for milling in and backing out the fronts.

Advantages of Wooden Display Counters:

Wooden display counters have many advantages:

  • Sustainable and renewable material
  • Natural aesthetics
  • No chemical vapors
  • Scratches are easy to mend

Disadvantages of Wooden Reception Counters:

Apart from advantages, wooden display counters also have disadvantages:

  • Limited color palette
  • Not all arbitrary forms can be implemented
  • Needs a little more care
  • Higher purchase price


Display counters play a very important role in jewelry shops. If it is made of good material then it will put a good impression on the customers. The right display of the jewelry is crucial for the jewelry shop and security is more important. 

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