Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water – Is That Actually Healthy

Osmosis water is considered a health resource by many people. Whether this is actually true and what possible adverse effects osmosis water can have is answered here in detail.

Osmosis water is almost as pure as distilled water. It contains practically no substances dissolved in water.

Many people swear by the health effects of reverse osmosis systems water. It is said to cleanse and invigorate the body and ensure better health.

However, that is not true. Like distilled water, reverse osmosis water lacks the minerals and electrolytes that are important for our body. Both are essential to life.

Similar to distilled water, osmosis water can remove vital minerals from the body. If a very large amount is drunk, this can even lead to life-threatening conditions.

Adverse Effects Of Normal Use:

If the usual amounts of osmosis water are drunk, this does not lead to an acute health hazard, but the long-term damage is to be expected.

Almost everyone in the western world suffers from a mineral deficiency. The minerals required by the body are hardly covered by the consumption of vegetables. Osmosis water also removes important minerals from the body and thus makes the situation even worse.

The minerals contained in tap water lead to a balanced pH value of the water. It is, therefore, able to buffer acids in the body when drinking enough water and thus contribute to a balanced acid-base balance.

Osmosis water is clearly acidic due to the lack of minerals. It also promotes acidification in the body and at the same time cannot buffer any acids in the body. This intensifies acidosis which is a problem for many people.

In this context, one also speaks of the oxidation-reduction function of water, which is significantly reduced in the case of osmosis water.

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