What Is a Cement Bin?

cement bin

A cement bin is a single-compartment enclosure with a storage capacity of 600 Barrels, 112 Tons or 2,400 Cubic Feet. These bins come with a number of features including triple axle spring suspension, kingpin, brakes, signal lighting, a 5″ fill pipe and three additional fill pipes. Additionally, they feature an access hatch and a 12″ direct-drive screw for loading and unloading cement. The bins also come with a NEMA motor control panel and a high level indicator.

Cemen Tech’s cement bin

The Cemen Tech cement bin precisely measures the correct amount of cement for concrete mix designs. This innovative system features dual augers that provide accurate cement metering. Once materials enter the continuous mixer, the dual augers mix materials evenly, ensuring a consistent mix design. The volumetric mixer then continuously pours fresh concrete until the operator stops it.

The cement bin’s design makes it easy to handle and transport cement. The low-profile bin has a rectangular loading hatch and an optional bag breaking grate. It can also be equipped with a pneumatic fill system. The bin features a lower auger that is partly encased in steel pipe. The auger metering system forces cement from the lower to the top auger. The augers also help to reduce waste by preventing over or under-mixing.

Vertex’s cement recovery bin

Vertex’s cement recovery bin has been designed to make disposal of leftover cement easier, safer and more efficient. Its unique design incorporates thicker walls and shorter walls, making it ideal for the safe disposal of cement. Its walls are also designed to retain more of the cement’s volume and make disposal safer and faster.

Helix Construction Ltd.’s cement return bin

The Helix Construction Ltd.’s 14-yard cement return bin is the only one of its kind in Southwest Saskatchewan. It provides a safer and faster method of disposal. This bin also complies with environmental regulations, allowing for minimal disturbance and easy clean-up. Land owners also appreciate the fact that the cement return bin can be easily loaded and unloaded on site. The Helix team has equipment available to transport the bins to well sites around the clock.

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