Multifunctional Fertilizer Spreader

Multifunctional fertilizer spreader

A multifunctional fertilizer spreader is a useful tool for farming. It can hold both liquid and solid fertilizers. Some also feature a sprayer for controlled applications of liquid fertilizer. These devices can also be used to spread seed. Multifunctional spreaders have many applications in farming, and can be a useful tool for many types of crops. They provide wide coverage, which is useful for certain crops, and they have a range of settings for adjusting the flow rate to effectively seed crops.

Broadcast spreader

Multifunctional fertilizer broadcast spreaders are ideal for spreading fertilizers on lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. They use centrifugal force to distribute the fertilizer and come with an internal agitator that breaks up clumps of fertilizer and creates an even layer. The drop rate and direction of the fertilizer can be adjusted. The spread mechanism can cover 360 degrees, so it can cover a wide area.

This type of fertilizer broadcast spreader is expensive, but it has impressive coverage capacity. This model can cover 50,000 square feet, or nearly an acre. It is very easy to use and has 15 settings for spreading. Another bonus of this broadcast spreader is that it can spread salt to prepare lawns before big snowstorms. The Multifunctional Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader is foldable, making it easy to store in a shed when not in use.

A multifunctional broadcast spreader can also be used to spread grass seed and fertilizer on driveways and sidewalks. Drop spreaders are ideal for small lawns and don’t leave any marks on the pavement, but broadcast spreaders are more efficient and ensure an even coverage. They are also easier to maneuver around tight spots and obstacles, and don’t stain driveways and paths. However, they cover a smaller area per pass and take more time to fertilize the lawn than a broadcast spreader.

Multifunctional fertilizer broadcast spreaders can be used to spread granular products and grass seeds over a large area. These machines have a large hopper and can spray about three to four feet of turf at a time. In addition, the spreader has adjustable openings, which can help you control the volume of product that is spread.

Rotomec Hop

The Rotomec Hop multifunctional fertilizer spreaders are designed to provide a high level of efficiency in fertilizer distribution. They are easy to operate and offer an excellent price/quality ratio. The Hop is built in Italy, near Verona, and is a compact, multipurpose machine for spreading granular fertilizers. In addition, it can be used to spread salt on ice-covered roads.


The KUHN Multifunctional Fertilizer Spreader 2FD-3A offers three unique functions: fertilizer spreading, seeding, and pesticide spraying. With a rechargeable lead acid battery, the machine has a range of versatility. The rear-mounted spreader is ideal for a small plot or full-field application. It has a wide spreader disc and an Opti-Point to help you fine-tune the rate of fertilizer application.


The UKS multifunctional fertilizer spreader is ideal for spreading a wide range of fertilizers, micro-granules, and salt. The spread rate is adjustable by means of a lever at the back of the unit. The spreader is compact and easy to transport. Its high-quality plastic construction makes it durable, sturdy, and eco-friendly.

Precision Spreader is a company with more than 50 years of experience in spreader design and manufacture. Its state-of-the-art factory features the latest cutting and welding technologies. The company boasts of a large market share in the spreader market. Its GPS Section Control Spreader system helps farmers save between five and twenty percent of their input costs per acre. It also features an Auto Shutter spreader system and Variable Rate Application, which are both designed to improve productivity and yield.

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