What Is a Garbage Can?

garbage can

What Is a Garbage Can?

A garbage can is a waste receptacle that holds and collects unwanted materials. It’s also referred to as a trash bin or wastebasket.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right garbage can for your space. This includes location, use, and size. Choosing the correct trash bag is important, as well.


A garbage can or trash can is a container that is used to collect household waste and recycling. Most often, a trash can is made of metal or plastic and comes in various sizes. It is commonly used in homes, schools, and businesses. There are also many different types of trash cans, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. Some of them are made of durable materials, while others are stylish and compact. The size of a trash can depends on its use and how much waste it will hold. Some are ideal for high traffic areas, while others are perfect for bathrooms and small rooms.

The size of a garbage can is an important factor to consider when choosing a new one. Choosing the right size will ensure that it is easy to empty, while still providing sufficient storage space. You may also want to look for a garbage can that is easy to clean, as it will be exposed to dirt and debris on a regular basis.

It is essential to have a proper place to store your trash at home or work. Leaving trash lying around makes the environment unhealthy, unfavorable and unsafe for everyone in the area. It is also crucial to place all garbage in a proper bin, as loose trash will not be picked up by sanitation workers.


The material from which a trash container is made determines how it will hold up to outdoor elements, and how easy it will be to empty kitchen products supplier when full. Some models are made from metals like stainless steel that resist bending and rusting. Plastic and concrete are also common materials for waste bins that provide durability and an attractive appearance.

Typically, trash containers are positioned outside, but some may be found inside buildings or in public spaces. Many stores with convenience shops have garbage bins at the entrance where customers can toss their empty drinks. Japan is a country that has strict rules about separating garbage, so there are separate bins for combustibles and non-combustibles, as well as separate cans and glass bottles.

Most trash containers have a lid that keeps out rain and insects. Some are equipped with locks so the lid can stay open even when the trash is overflowing. Other types have specialized lids, including push lids that allow you to dump waste without lifting the lid. Bottle lids feature an aperture for sliding in all kinds of bottles, ideal for communal recycling areas. Letter lids are useful for indoor paper recycling and have a slot that is sized to accept large pieces of mail.

Some trash and garbage containers are designed to have wheels or dollies, which make it easy to move them around for cleaning or pickup. Dollies protect the garbage can bottoms of these bins from dragging on floors or pavement, and they are particularly helpful for janitorial staff who move multiple trash cans around daily. Other accessories for these bins include caddy bags that wrap around them, flatware retriever lids that catch metal flatware, and signs that identify these containers as either trash or recycling bins.


Garbage bins are usually metal or plastic and they come in a range of colors and designs. They can be used inside or outside the home and some of them have a handle for easy lifting. Some also have a sensor that helps open the lid with the press of a button. These cans are convenient for those with limited mobility, especially older people. They are also useful for those who want to avoid getting germs from touching the garbage bin.

Some trash cans even have small receptacles for things like an air freshener or a trash bag. This way, you can keep your trash can smelling clean and fresh all day long. If your garbage can is prone to leaks, you can place some newspapers in it to soak up any food juices that may spill over and make the whole bin smelly.

Most garbage cans are designed to store, collect and transport your refuse for the garbage men to easily dispose of it in their truck. However, they can be used for a lot more than that. Some of these alternate uses are not only effective but can be a lot of fun too. For example, a sturdy and durable garbage can can be turned upside down with some wood added on top to create an end table.


A garbage can is an essential item in offices and other public spaces. It provides a convenient place to dispose of waste without contaminating shared items such as computers or phones. It also helps reduce the risk of germs spreading from one person to another.

Garbage cans come in various shapes, sizes, and styles to fit the environment. Some cans have a sleek facade that makes them look modern and stylish, while others are more utilitarian. Choosing the right garbage bin is important because litter can create an unsightly environment and increase cleaning costs.

The type of trash can you choose should be based on the amount of waste generated regularly. A larger bin is suitable for high-traffic areas and larger households, while a smaller bin is ideal for bathrooms or compact spaces. You should also consider the lid type and size. A lid that can stay open is convenient, especially when you’re disposing of food scraps and other small waste.

Some garbage cans have a lid that is operated by a foot pedal, which allows you to open it without using your hands. This is particularly useful in kitchens, where you may need to throw away food scraps quickly and discreetly. Other models have a handle that allows you to lift or close the lid manually. Some cans even have two compartments, which are great for separating recyclables from regular waste.

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