How to Arrange Your Customized Flat Villa Furniture

How to Arrange Your Customized Flat Villa Furniture

A well-arranged villa furniture layout is the main part of interior design, and it has a decisive influence on the beautification of the room. It should be reasonable, so that people can use it conveniently and comfortably.

The Flat Villa collection features pieces made of Viro certified synthetic resin, which is reminiscent of woven rattan. Its streamlined, sharp-edged structure is complemented by the soft and generous cushions.


The layout of villa furniture has a decisive influence on the beautification of the room. If the furniture is unreasonable, it will affect people’s normal activities and give visitors a bad impression. Therefore, it is important to know how to arrange the layout of custom villa furniture.

Lucy was paired with one of Furnishr’s dedicated designers who helped her find the perfect pieces to fit her space and style preferences. commercial hotel furniture customized In just 15 days, the team delivered and set up her entire apartment!

The Dolcefarniente collection combines a modern and clean design with high-quality materials to create a unique line of outdoor furniture. All items are crafted from Viro certified synthetic resin, which resembles woven rattan, yet is more durable and easier to maintain. Choose from different shapes and styles, including streamlined sectional sofas, curved chairs, and upholstered ottomans. The Sunrise and Twilight collections feature geometric weaves in one or two-tone colors, while the Eclipse and Sunset pieces are more textured with a mix of flat section iron and woven polyethylene fibers. All finishes are UV-resistant.


The material used to make a piece of custom furniture is what gives it its unique aesthetic and durability. For example, some pieces of furniture are made from a specific type of wood or metal. Others may be made from a combination of different materials.

Villa & House is committed to bringing a modern perspective to classic luxury and works with artisans from around the world to create unique materials. Their products are inspired by history, made for today, and always reaching for the future.

For instance, bone inlay furniture is created by hand-shaping ethically sourced animal bone into transposed design templates and then covered with colored resin. This is a centuries-old technique that requires great skill and time to complete.


A good layout of villa furniture can bring people a comfortable and pleasant feeling. It is important to consider the size, shape and upholstery of villa furniture before arranging them. The arranged villa furniture should have a certain space scale and symmetry, and the height should gradually increase from low to high. This way, you can create a visual effect of rhythm and liveliness.

Customizable Flat Villa furniture from Dolcefarniente is made with Viro certified synthetic resin and iron treated with special paints to withstand harsh climatic conditions. Its artisanal nature means that the design can be adjusted to suit any style and can even be completely customized if required. The collection consists of several different models, including Siderale, Sunrise and Twilight.

Lucy, from Furnishr, chose the Siderale collection to furnish her studio. She was paired with Elle, one of our dedicated designers, who helped her select the perfect pieces for her budget and style preferences. The entire process took just 15 days! You can read about the whole journey on her blog. Thanks to her hard work, Lucy now has a beautiful and functional living space.


Villa furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, all exuding style & charm. Each design is thoughtfully planned, with every flourish applied for a reason. Whether inspired by the work of artisans the world over or crafted in-house, no piece leaves our workshop without awe-inspiring perfection. When ordering, please take careful note of the three measurements hotel pool furniture suppliers provided on our EasyGuide order form: height, depth and width. The perfect fit is guaranteed!

Excellent custom villa furniture layout should gradually extend from low to high, and have the rhythm of length matching and size matching. Otherwise, the furniture may be crowded and lack liveliness.

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