Electric Instant Hot Water Heater For Showers

Electric Instant Hot Water Heater For Showers

Unlike traditional tank heaters, this electric instant hot water heater for showers can save energy. It uses less electricity to heat water since it only fires when you turn on a faucet or showerhead.

Plus, it eliminates the need for a large storage tank. Point-of-use heaters are also a great option for kitchens and laundry rooms to reduce heat loss in pipes.

1. Energy Efficiency

Many people are drawn to tankless water heaters because they save energy compared to conventional storage tanks. They only heat water on demand when you turn on a faucet or take a shower. They don’t have to constantly reheat a tank of hot water that is sitting idle (this is called standby loss). The self modulating technology on these units regulates how much electricity gets used, and a typical electric model can produce 3 gallons of shower temperature water per minute in warm climates.

ENERGY STAR certified models are available, and they may be eligible for state and local rebates. However, since they use more power to run than a conventional water heater that uses natural gas, they can cost more in energy bills. If you have a large household or want to reduce your energy costs, installing multiple instantaneous water heaters in different areas of the home is a good option. This way, you can have dedicated instantaneous water heaters for each bathroom, kitchen and laundry room while using less overall energy. Also, if you have several water outlets that are rarely used, you might be able to reduce your electric bills by installing point-of-use water heaters near each outlet.

2. Versatility

Unlike conventional water heaters with tanks, these units are small and compact. They can be installed under a sink for kitchen faucets or near the shower enclosure to provide electric instant hot water heater for showers hot water when needed. They’re also easier to shut off if you’re leaving for vacation and don’t require draining if you need to refill the tank.

Point-of-use models like the DHX Select provide even more versatility for electric instantaneous water heaters. These feature advanced flow control technology to maintain the desired water temperature while delivering multiple point-of-use outlets at the same time. That means a single unit can reliably power a shower and two sinks, or three sinks in warmer ground water climates. This unique capability is possible because the DHX Select modulates its power usage to deliver optimum energy efficiency and performance.

The DHX Select also offers a convenient digital display that provides easy controls to set the preferred output temperature and provides a readout of current power consumption and capacity. Its user-selectable scald guard setting and front panel control lock-out settings provide safety.

3. Space-Saving

Unlike traditional storage tank water heaters that waste energy by heating water even when it’s not being used, tankless electric instant hot water systems heat only the water required for each shower, ensuring you always have a steady supply of hot water at all times. In addition, they are highly energy-efficient and can reduce your utility bills significantly over time.

With their compact design, tankless electric instant hot water heaters for showers are ideal for small homes and apartments. They can be installed on the wall and require less space than conventional water heaters. Additionally, they can be placed closer to your shower for better hot water delivery.

When choosing a tankless instant hot water heater for your home, it’s important to weigh all the benefits and limitations. Consider factors such as size, energy efficiency, installation requirements, and cost when making your decision.

4. Convenience

Unlike conventional water heaters with storage tanks, electric instantaneous heaters heat on demand. You never have to worry about running out of hot water or wasting energy. Simply turn on your electric micro boiler shower and wait a few seconds. You can also schedule your geyser to turn on and off according to your preferred time of day.

Depending on your household’s usage needs, choose a model with the right gallons per minute capacity. For example, a 3.2 gpm unit can heat enough water for two showers and one sink at the same time. There are also compact tankless hot water heaters that work well for single fixtures. For example, the mechanical, flow switch-controlled Direct Coil(tm) models provide near-boiling water for hand-washing at a single point-of-use sink.

You can also decide whether you want a whole house or point-of-use heater. A whole-house heater is great for larger houses with long plumbing lines and a new construction or remodel, while a point-of-use heater is ideal for appliances and remote sink locations. These units are easy to install and don’t require venting, so you can have them anywhere in your home without sacrificing aesthetics.

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