Characteristic Features Of Conference System Microphone

A conference system microphone is considered an important piece of equipment in a meeting room, conference room, or conference hall. A meeting room is a formal place where a group of people gathers to discuss some important matters. In order to transmit voices to each other, a good conference system should be used in the meeting room. 

In a conference system, the microphone plays an integral part. A microphone is a piece of advanced equipment that is used for converting sound waves into electrical energy variations, which can be recorded, amplified, or transmitted from one place to another. 

Where to buy a good quality microphone?

If you are looking for a trusted supplier from where you can buy a conference system microphone with great features, then you should contact Guangzhou Todun Electronics Co., Ltd. It is a professional platform that deals with complete accessories related to conference systems. You can find a wide variety of microphones with great features at affordable prices only at Todun. 

Characteristic feature of conference system microphone includes:

  • The output impedance noted is 200 ohm.
  • The weight of the microphone is approx. 0.72 kg
  • Digital audio technology
  • An ideal microphone is able to transfer frequency response between 40 hertz (Hz) to 16 kilohertz (kHz).
  • Can have liquid crystal display  (LCD)
  • Owns anti-cell phone, high-frequency interference, and electromagnetic. 
  • High sensitivity; the voice can be loud and clear within the speaking distance of 5- 30 cm. 
  • Some microphones have microphone cores, that can function to prevent air explosion

The takeaway:

You can access the website of Guangzhou Todun Electronics Co., Ltd and request a quote on your required product. The company after carrying out the necessary requirement can deliver your product to your doorstep within a few working days. 

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