Classification Of Batteries

As the world is progressing toward advancement, many new gadgets are prepared in order to make the life of human beings easy. Similarly, batteries are exclusive innovations. We all know the primary function of a battery is to store electricity. In this article, we will briefly discuss the classification of batteries. Different types of batteries are used in various fields. The batteries that are used in automobiles cannot be used in motorbikes. Read on to know the brief classification of batteries.

  1. Motorcycle batteries:

Motorcycles are not considered an automobile, therefore, special types of batteries are used in motorcycles. The batteries that are recommended to use in motorcycles are listed below:

  1. Automotive batteries:

Automotive or car batteries are vital parts of automobiles that play an important role in initiating the engine. Various types of batteries are used in automobiles. The most important batteries with long life that can provide you smooth experience are mentioned below:

  • Dry cell car battery
  • Maintenance-free car battery
  • AGM battery
  1. Industrial battery:

Industrial batteries are electrochemical devices that are able to convert higher-level active materials into an alternate state during discharge. In short, they convert chemical energy into electricity. A list of industrial batteries is given below:

  • GEL battery
  • CFPS & LFPS battery (also known as the tubular battery, deep cycle battery, or lead acid battery)
  • CFPV & LFPV battery 
  • LAWN MOWER battery
  • Traction battery 

In the category of industrial battery, the traction battery is further divided into two categories:

  • DIN traction series (PzS)
  • BS traction series (PzB)

Best supplier of batteries:

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