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A conference system is a set of audio equipment to help the participants of a conference to communicate comfortably with a large audience.

It consists of wireless microphones that enable the members of a meeting to communicate more easily. Conference systems are greatly used in 

  • Educational seminars
  • Business meetings
  • International events
  • Government agencies
  • Press Conferences

In such events, there are many people who join for a discussion of particular issues. Therefore, if a conference system is set up in such cases then each member could use a personal tabletop microphone. This makes the environment of the meetings peaceful and allows for smooth communication. There is also a special unit that is commonly used by the head of the meeting and includes mute and volume control, speaking time control, and speaker’s identification. 

Components of a conference system for meeting room:

It consists of three main components

  • Special unit; used by chairman or meeting head 
  • Delegate unit; consists of one key speech button 
  • Central control unit; the core of a conference system. It controls all the microphone units. 

Types of conference systems 

Conference systems can be audio and video-based. 

Audio conferencing is of two types: 

  • Point to point conferencing
  • Multipoint conferencing 

Video conferencing has 4 main types:

  • Telepresence video conferencing system
  • Desktop video conferencing system
  • Service-based and
  • Integrated video conferencing system. 

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