Pros Of Owning A Roof Tent

Camping is booming. Motorhome and caravan dealers are recording record numbers of units sold. The demand for used vehicles is causing prices to skyrocket. 

If a mobile home or caravan is too expensive, there is not enough space to set it up or a conventional tent is too uncomfortable, then it is worth thinking about a roof tent. With a little willingness to compromise and imagination, you can turn your everyday car into a leisure vehicle.

The roof tent was invented 60 years ago. In the past, it was mainly used by adventurers who traveled to remote areas by vehicle. Even if it is still a rarity, today it closes the gap between the traditional tent on the ground and a caravan or motorhome.


For long-distance trips to countries with bad roads or slopes, the roof tent is often the most sensible alternative. 

An off-road all-wheel-drive mobile home, a truck with a body would also be suitable, but it is very expensive and often too big – whether for narrow roads or for shipping in a freight container. 

Off-road vehicles have proven themselves for decades. You can also sleep in these, a bit cramped, or you can take a tent with you, which you then have to set up every day. 

A  ground tent may be the wrong choice in certain countries due to dangerous animals. A small, maneuverable tent trailer can be an alternative, but it is less maneuverable than a car without a trailer. 

You can convert the off-road vehicle with a lifting roof so that there is more space when sleeping. This variant is very close to the roof tent but far more expensive. With all these considerations, you always come back to the roof tent. 

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