Good conference room technology is an important factor.

Good conference room technology is an important factor in holding better meetings both in person and through remote links. The right technology not only helps participants, but also streamlines communication and operations. More efficient meetings mean success for you and your team. Everything is presented in an easy-to-implement action plan.

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How can you set up your conference room to make an impact? First impressions count. People who don’t know each other form lasting opinions in the first seven seconds of meeting. The same applies to your conference room. Clients, partners and employees: the design, layout, furnishings and other aspects of your conference room have an effect positive or negative  on all of them. Visible technology makes a strong initial impact. 

Regardless of how your conference room looks, if the technology you have lets you down when you get down to business, that can be a detriment to your productivity and potential. Both form and function are key to keeping a conference room more than just a place to meet.  

Professional mixer are compact digital mixers designed for musicians and professional engineers who want to use the functions of a mixing console used in a large venue compactly, easily, and at a reasonable price. It is equipped with functions that satisfy professionals with various demands and has simple operability that even inexperienced users can fully use.

Easy operability created by professional specifications

  • Simple Mode allows quick and easy operation.
  • Advanced Mode can control all parameters for professional users.
  • Wizards and preset libraries provide powerful assistance in setting up channels and setting effects.
  • The integrated color touch screen and hardware controls enable quick and intuitive operation.
  • Recording / playback is possible by connecting an external hard disk to the USB terminal. No computer required.

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