Hot Tub Bath: Good For Your Back!

Back pain, tension, hardening after a long day at work – the best thing to do is jump into the warm, bubbling hot tub.

The warm water also promotes blood circulation and widens the veins, so that important messengers and nutrients in the blood can reach problematic parts of the body. By relaxing in the hot tub, you are doing your body a great favor. But how exactly does it work?

How Does A Hot Tub Help With Back Pain?

If you float in the hot tub and let yourself be massaged by the water currents, you will also get relief from back pain. The following effects come into effect:

  • The water carries most of the body weight so that the back is relieved. Sitting, standing, running, walking, and some reclining positions put stress on your back in one way or another. In the water, you give your back the chance to “let go”.
  • The massage jets stimulate the muscles, loosen hardened muscles, promote blood circulation and metabolism and quite simply ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin. Do this within yourself and listen to your body – and your back will tell you that you are feeling good and relaxed.
  • The high water temperature makes the veins, tissues, fascia, and skin elastic and thus facilitates healthy blood circulation. This makes it easier for important nutrients to get into problematic muscle parts, which can “breathe” again, so to speak. The same effect can also be achieved in a sauna, but this is not suitable for all people.
  • A pleasant soak in the hot tub promotes stress reduction. Many people transfer stress into physical problems, such as muscle tension. Forced postures and protective postures combined with stress often lead to a vicious circle of stress and tension. Let your body and soul relax in the tingling hot tub bath and your back will be happy too.

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